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Avast me hearties!

I think I'd actually make a really sucky pirate. I talk like a pirate about as well as Will Turner. We really ought to work on that, though, since in some situations it could work as a way to translate Kansai dialect or any other dialect a manga artist might want to throw at us. Or rather, throw at the readers. It would be the publishing companies throwing them specifically at us. And my tendency to want to keep being specific like that may be another reason why I can't talk like a pirate.

I'm amazed Talk Like a Pirate Day actually caught on. It almost makes me want to try starting a holiday.

A few people have mentioned the pirates vs. ninja thing today, in light of everybody talking like pirates. We never really knew where that came from; just somebody told us that was the case one day. But I've never seen any actual ninjas hating pirates or vice versa. Athena came up with an awesome idea to settle the debate once and for all by having some of the cast of Naruto and some of the cast of One Piece fight it out in the ultimate game of Family Feud. That would be awesome.

I know I said I would be back last night to talk about Kingdom Hearts II, but as it turns out we have a Problem. We're addicted to Final Fantasy Tactics. Celeste will come home from doing whatever it is she was doing, and immediately turn the game on, and for some reason we just can't stay in our room and translate or watch anime.

It was especially bad last night when she got home from her boyfriend's place. We were already annoyed because she didn't take a key (she's not paying rent yet, so we don't want to let her just have one of her own), we didn't want to go to bed with the door unlocked, and it was after one o'clock. As it turned out, she'd had a Talk with her boyfriend, and those always take a long time, explaining why she was late, but because she was upset from the talk (she said it ended fine, but it was about stupid stuff and it was annoying, or something), all she wanted to do was stay up all night and play Tactics. We were this close to just going to bed and letting her play on her own, despite being a little sad that we'd probably miss her reaction to Queklain, but it was late and we could deal. But then she said something like, "You know you want to watch..." And since that implied she actually wanted us to watch, we couldn't resist. We are such suckers. And we were up until three.

The only reason we're not watching her play right now is that her boyfriend is here, and he's bored by Tactics. He's the only cure.

Let's see, last week we finished up Halloween Town, the Pride Lands, and Atlantica. And the Titan Cup.

I really got the feeling that the second run through all the worlds was like the "shoujo manga" version of Kingdom Hearts or something. Every time, they ended with the hero and heroine being all lovey-dovey. Except in Agrabah, where they ended with Genie talking to Aladdin... I'm finding myself glad the animated series introduced Eden. I kinda wish he had someone better though. Ah well.

I wonder about the whole "making presents" game. I like how they pointed out that it's not the present itself, but what's inside it, so I guess it's okay that they're completely destroying the wrapping by shooting the toys through it. But it just doesn't seem practical. Oh well; it seems like a fun game (I just watch Athena play).

I liked the part where Sora was imagining dancing with Kairi; it was very cute. And realistic, because he imagined her looking like she did in the first game, which is how she looked the last time he saw her. I love how they seem to have continuity police. I want to be a continuity policewoman!

I was a little disappointed with Simba in the Pride Lands. I think that's just because at the end of The Lion King, everything's all back to normal, and he's this awesome king and everything. But they really did a good job of making a reasonable argument for Simba not being a good king. And since he didn't quite have as much sense knocked into him in the game as he did in the movie (I'm telling you, this Sora kid may be meddling a bit too much... (but with Heartless around, I guess he didn't have much choice. It's all the Heartless' fault!)), then it really worked very well.

The other thing I thought was kind of weird about it was that Nala was already pregnant. But I guess the way the movie ended, that's not entirely out of place, either. Just weird. And, add to that the fact that in Final Fantasy Tactics all the monsters breed like rabbits, then it's only logical.

It was really cute how Sora and company got Simba to face Scar's ghost. But then again I'm like, "But Simba should be able to face it on his own!" Oh well.

And then it was on to Atlantica to perform the grand finale! I love the grand finale. I love the whole Atlantica thing, as I've said many times before. But this time, we had Celeste around, and for some reason she thinks it's really annoying. I can't for the life of me figure out why, unless it has to do with the lyrics, because they are really cheesy. The melody doesn't have enough room for all the stuff like "makes me want to twirl a fin" in the Japanese version, so it's not nearly as bad. So I was hurt that Celeste didn't like my favorite song (okay, maybe not my favorite, but I like it a lot; sometimes it makes me teary), but then I reminded myself that she likes country music, and I don't, so I should just deal with it.

When we finished the finale, we played through the whole musical again. You just have to. I'm sad that Eric didn't get to see the musical, though. Hopefully somebody recorded it for him, but I don't think the Little Mermaid world has that kind of technology, and apparently Ursula and Triton are the only ones who can do magic. So maybe Triton recorded it. He'd want it as a memory before his daughter goes off to be a human anyway.

Oh duh, Eric can just use the music note thingie that Sora used to access all the songs. Maybe Ariel can take it with her when she moves.

And that's all for Kingdom Hearts II this week, and last week. Celeste wants us to make cookies. I'm cool with having cookies, and once they're made, there's no point in not sharing. But I'm not quite sure how I feel about us always making cookies, and Celeste never helping, and Celeste also always having cookies. Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for pirate speak, breaking away from Tactics for a bit, getting to watch Tactics, Captain Jack Sparrow, and Will Turner.
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