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Fruits Basket has given us a renewed hatred for the zero-pronoun.

Aww, who am I kidding? We could never hate the zero-pronoun! But if we could, Fruits Basket would not only be the series to have generated that hatred, but also the one to renew it, what with the Ritsu thing and the other thing.

In other news, we're still trying to figure out the whole Mikomi Con potential panel thing, and it's kind of frustrating. The chairman e-mailed us Friday night (or Saturday morning; really not sure) saying he'd still like to give us a panel, and could we do it? We still weren't sure, so we decided we'd talk to people when we went to Mom's on Sunday. When I brought up the fact that we might need to go to Northridge on the weekend of October 13th, the only response we got was, "Have you checked bus prices?" Nobody even asked why! This is why we hate "being social." There are so few people who will let us talk about ourselves. I mean, of course you have to be willing to listen to others talk about themselves, and we have no problem with that, but it's a two-way thing. Ugh.

Fortunately, since Celeste lives with us, she's a captive audience sometimes, and she knows the whole situation. Her response is that she's getting two jobs and should be able to afford a trip down there. So basically if Celeste can get money for gas, we can at least go for one day, which should be long enough to hold a panel. But then we e-mail the chairman and he puts us down for Sunday morning. We're now at the point where we've e-mailed him and let him know that Sunday is no good, and now we're waiting to hear if he can still fit us in. At this point, I don't think I'd mind too much either way. In fact, the idea of holding a panel is starting to get scary. We'll see how things develop.

I realized yesterday that I hadn't done a Kingdom Hearts II review for what we played last week. As it turns out, that's not so much of a problem, because we got home late enough last night that all we wanted to do was gummi missions. But in light of our current brain-splode-iness, I think things might have to wait a little longer. Besides, there's not a whole lot going on on our friends list, so we figure we might as well give everyone more to read *evil grin*

Today I'm thankful for people who listen, the zero-pronoun (when not having to worry about translating it), gummi missions, batteries, and the Weather Channel.
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