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Teen Titans Go!!

Trouble in Tokyo was, and I'm sure you saw this coming, pretty dang awesome. I think we missed a lot of the action though, because we were trying to read the signs. We probably would have stopped bothering about halfway through, but we spotted one that said "Robin," so then we had to keep an eye out for all the other Titans. I'm still not sure whether or not we saw a good Raven sign, and we never did see a Beast Boy sign. But there were plenty of karaoke signs in the background, so we know the director knew what he was doing. And a lot of the signs were proudly announcing what color they were. That was neat.

The name of the villain was odd. When you first hear it, it's said by a guy from Japan, so he's using a Japanese accent, which is awesome, except that the name is a play on words in English. So when we first heard the name, it sounded to us like Bra Shogun. So for the first third of the movie we're like, "No seriously, what's this guy's name?" Then we finally figured out it was Brushogun, and then they spelled it out, and we were satisfied.

So apparently Saiyuki isn't the only world where people bleed in magenta. I was so happy with myself for seeing Psychotech regenerate his arm and thinking of a color printer. Maybe it was supposed to be obvious, but I'm still happy.

Thinking about it, though, I don't know anything about the printing industry so I could be wrong, but manga is almost all in black and white, so wouldn't their main printers be all black? Maybe Brushogun was hooked up to the printer they used for color pictures.

We both really liked Robin's fugitive outfit, even though we were a little sad that of course he ran into a guy with shades right when he decides to go without his mask for a while. But we did see his eyes! Sort of. At any rate, he wears the mask all the time, so I'm not sure seeing his eyes normally would look very good. His hair and coat were really cool though.

I think that's about it. Except for one last "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!" about Robin and Starfire kissing. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

And of course, to share Cyborg's sentiment: It's about time.

Oh! Another thing I almost forgot! When Beast Boy is singing karaoke, he's actually singing the literal translation of the Japanese verse of the theme song! That was awesome, and very helpful, since we were really lost on some of those lyrics. Actually, a long time ago, Clay told me about the saying that makes it so the "Earthquakes, thunder, fire" makes sense. I lost the e-mail in the various computer crises we've had through the years, but if I remember correctly, those are among the four scariest things people have to face.

According to TV Guide, it'll be on again tomorrow, and if Celeste is out, we are so watching it again (we're not sure she'd want to sit through it again just yet). In another bit of Teen Titans related news, it turns out Athena was right in guessing that Scott Menville (voice of Robin) is the newest voice of Shaggy of Scooby Doo fame (we were watching the commercial and she said, "Is it just me, or does he sound disturbingly like Scott Menville?"). Since we were thinking about it, we finally looked it up at IMDb, and there it was. Not that I have anything against Shaggy, but hearing Scott Menville do that voice... it's a little unnerving. But we did find out that there's going to be another Teen Titans movie next year! Yay!

PS: We so need a Robin icon.
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