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Trouble in Tokyo!!!!

Teen Titans movie tonight!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!

With a title like Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo, it is definitely a movie that the two of us need to see. We're so excited!

We almost didn't get to see it, too. Our anime buddy has the house to herself this weekend and is having a slumber party. Normally, going to her place wouldn't be a problem, because she likes Teen Titans, too, so we'd probably get to watch it anyway. But the "party" part indicates that there will be other people there, and based on how many people have joined us for our anime get-togethers, we're thinking the other people who'll be coming won't be so interested in taking two hours out of the party to watch Teen Titans. Even if they were, our anime buddy's TV is set up so that non HDTV broadcasts are squooshed to fit the screen, and that would have been a little sad.

But we're saved! By an eleven-stake YSA fireside/dinner/dance... that we're not going to. I'm not sure what that means.

On the one hand, firesides are good, and we don't go to nearly enough of them, and we have much less of an excuse now that Celeste is here with a car. But on the other hand, if we went to the fireside, we'd probably end up going to the dinner and the dance afterward, which we reeeeeeally don't want to do. And! the dinner choice was between pizza and tri-tip steak, and they reasonably went with the steak. But if it had been pizza, which the Twins love and therefore are far more likely to eat, it would have been much more of a "nudge nudge" type situation. As it is, we're just very happy that the fireside/dinner/dance has pushed the slumber party back so that the Teen Titans movie will be over long before it starts.

In other news, today Celeste came home from Mom's with a sheet of The Art of Disney: Romance postage stamps for us. This is awesome because those are the stamps we wanted to use when we wrote fan mail to Mamoru Miyano♥ Now we just have to get writing...

Today I'm thankful for being able to watch Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo, having a sheet of The Art of Disney: Romance postage stamps, getting a headstart on Fruits Basket 17, the weather being cool enough to use blankets (we're all such pansies; it's in the 70's and we're all freezing (I think it's because we had to get used to the ultra-hot weather, so now we have a harder time than normal with normal/cooler weather)), and a new Teen Titans thing to obsess over.
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