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What is... superstantial?

Last night Ken Jennings was on the Colbert Report! Watching Ken Jennings play Jeopardy! was a big part of what helped us survive 2004, so we were very happy to see him again. In fact, I was actually thinking how awesome it would be if he wrote a book and came on the Daily Show to promote it. I'm still curious to see what an interview with Jon Stewart would be like, but the one with Stephen Colbert was fun.

One thing Stephen Colbert asked him was if growing up in a Mormon family limited his trivia knowledge. Ken Jennings answered by saying that there aren't a whole lot of Jeopardy! categories about hookers and crack, but he did have to study up for the potent potables category. It's possible that that's all Mr. Colbert wanted to know, but sometimes I do wonder if people think that Mormons censor things too much.

For example, some friends of ours who aren't Mormon found out that Mom was a fan of Charmed, and their mom was shocked and asked, "But she doesn't talk about it at church, right?" We're like, "Dude, it's a TV show; it's fiction. It's not like we worship it." That was crazy.

Then again, thinking about it, I think I've heard of Mormons who do censor things excessively. Grandma once told us about a family she knew whose boys were a little off because the parents didn't want them to have any inappropriate thoughts and kept them away from all contact with the opposite gender. Or something like that. Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for the cloudy weather, the cool breeze, having food, Celeste getting a job, and it being the perfect temperature for petting Mimsy.
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