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Video game ramblings

The plan today was to make get caught up on anime so we'd have more room to download stuff because it looks like l33t-raws is finally catching up themselves. But then Celeste started playing Final Fantasy Tactics, and we couldn't not watch. The music reminds me of Final Fantasy XII, which, of course, we haven't played yet, but it sounds similar at the Japanese FF12 homepage, and we seem to remember looking stuff up and finding out that it's the same guy writing the music. Sad that it's not Nobuo Uematsu, though.

We also started playing Final Fantasy IX with Celeste on Saturday. We're going to make her be Eiko and Quina (we thought about making her play Garnet, but I think she pulls off cute better than elegant), but they don't show up for a while, so for now, she's random NPCs. She just talks when we tell her to. That also reminds me of FF12, because I seem to remember reading that the art director for FF12 also did FF9, which would be awesome because I like the feel of the FF9 world the best of all the Final Fantasies so far. And! we should have money by the time the game comes out!

But we're happy because last night before Celeste went to the fireside, she said that since we didn't have work today, depending on when she got home (she went with her boyfriend), we'd have to stay up playing FF9. Though on the other hand, she should know that Sunday is our Kingdom Hearts day, so it always makes me wonder if she thinks KH is boring or something. But that's more because of last week. Also, with full voice video games, you don't get the fun of reading parts. That's the problem with all the PS2 games. All the ones we play, anyway. Although I like the ones from Nippon Ichi, because then we can listen to the Japanese voices.

But now that Celeste's started a game of Tactics, there's no telling when we'll ever play FF9 again. Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for trips to the post office not taking as long as we thought, fun anecdotes involving Akira Ishida, fun birthday gift ideas, the pretty plate the sister missionaries gave us, and that same plate being full of cookies right now.
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