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Today could prove to be interesting. We've been invited to join Mom and her family for Steve's birthday dinner (his birthday was on Friday; the same day as Tomokazu Seki, weird). The really weird thing is that they're starting dinner at six, but apparently Mom and Sarah will be leaving for a fireside at seven. And Celeste says we should leave then too, but she doesn't want to. This makes me nervous.

On the bright side, Celeste's boyfriend has been invited as well, and he likes Steve, so that should take a lot of pressure of off us. In the meantime, Mom bought us the giant bucket of cookie dough yesterday on the condition we bring some cookies with us today, so we'll be off baking soon.

In other news, we've been re-reading our Violinist of Hameln manga and marvelling at how the storytelling and characters are so completely insane, but the story is clearly very well thought out, and is actually fairly serious sometimes. Michiaki Watanabe must be a genius! And then we remembered that studies have shown that classical music, which Watanabe-sensei obviously listens to a lot of (since the entire series is based on classical music, and often there are little captions that say, "Listen to this piece for background music!"), stimulates the brain. So we've come up with a brilliant plan to get a bunch of classical music CDs and spend time listening to them while reading some of the Japanese short story collections we got for Japanese 322, and then we'll improve our Japanese while becoming super geniuses! It's brilliant!!!

Now we just have to figure out how we're going to get those CDs.

Today I'm thankful for the forethought to bring jackets to church today, Hameln manga, meeting our new home teacher, playing Final Fantasy IX again (Celeste hadn't seen any of it!), and comfortable shoes.
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