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We're not going to get any work done ever again

Was one of my first coherent thoughts this morning.

We were all woken up around 8:30 or 9:00 by the phone. According to Athena and Celeste, it rang about fourteen times, but I only heard about three. Usually by the time you wake up enough to realize the phone is ringing, the person calling is tired of waiting for you to pick up and hangs up about the time you get to the phone. This is why neither Athena nor Celeste got up to get the phone. But it kept ringing until I was awake, and I have a conditioned response to jump out of bed and answer the phone, which did me no good, because in my case, it was actually true that the caller was tired of letting the phone ring.

So I brought the phone back with me and went back to sleep. It rang again at 10:00, and it was Mom asking what we wanted to do about our plans to go to Hancock Fabrics, because we told them that if Sarah wanted a costume for Halloween, she would have to come with us, but Sarah had a date at noon. And so we ended up not going to Hancock Fabrics, because my brain wasn't functioning enough to try and figure out what to do.

By this time, everyone was awake, and Celeste came into our room, probably to find out what the call was about, especially because her boyfriend's out of town and she wanted to hear from him. So after I hung up, the very first thing she said was, "Let's watch Angelic Layer." And that's when I realized we wouldn't get any work done today.

Celeste says some crazy things. Last night we were playing Kingdom Hearts, which everyone, including Celeste, knows to be our favorite pastime, and she walks into the living room and says, "We can do what K5 does when they're bored!" I was like, "Hello? We're playing Kingdom Hearts. Obviously, not bored." But that's okay, because Athena was just doing tournament stuff, and her suggestion was to read Trivial Pursuit questions, which doesn't really disrupt tournaments.

Most of the not getting any work done was actually our fault, though, because she wanted to go swimming, and we had our reasons for not wanting to go swimming today, so we kept talking to her in the hopes that she'd decide she didn't want to go swimming after all, because we didn't want her using our pool before we did, because we've lived here so much longer. Our fault for living somewhere for a year and a half and not going swimming.

And then Celeste went swimming, and instead of working we watched Host Club. And I'm proud of myself for correctly identifying Daisuke Namikawa's voice before the end sequence started. As soon as the name popped into my head it was so obvious.

I think the Kingdom Hearts review will have to wait again. Celeste's boyfriend will be back this evening, and he can take her away to do fun things while we get back to this new series.

Today I'm thankful for finally getting to watch Host Club after having it for two whole days, boxes full of Mimsy, Celeste having a digital camera, people watching the anime we like, and Willy's freedom.
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