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Whew! I made it!

Today has been a long day. Saturdays are weird at best, and I think that's why they've been the hardest days of the week to adjust to having Celeste here. Usually, she goes to Mom's place to use the computer and get some errands taken care of, but since it's the weekend, that didn't happen. We were actually planning a few things to do, including getting back to work on that new series, because I really want to know what's going on, and watching Host Club, but that would have involved leaving Celeste alone in the boredom, so we couldn't bring ourselves to do any of it. It was a little frustrating, because having your plans foiled usually is, but Celeste did tell us we could leave her to her own devices, so we really can't complain.

Nevertheless, today did end up being really fun. At first it was just more frustration, because something's up with Steve's camera, and I spent an hour searching the Internet in hopes of finding a solution, to no avail. Then Celeste spent about an hour online talking to her friends who might know how to fix it, but they all said they would have to see it. Of course, none of us wanted to call Steve to see if he knew how to fix it. In the end we decided that's what we'd have to do, but that doesn't mean we had to do it today.

Then Celeste suggested we get out a board game, and we told her we only had a few different versions of Trivial Pursuit, but she demanded we get one out anyway. I guess we could have gotten Disney Trivial Pursuit, because Celeste can hold her own in that game, and she was sure we would have "kicked her trash" at any of the other versions we have anyway. But we got out Genus III anyway. And I got out the CD player and put in the Disney's Greatest Hits CDs while we played. That made for some interesting gameplay, as we had to keep taking timeouts for songs like "I Won't Say" and "I'll Make a Man Out of You." I wonder what the neighbors may have thought...

Also, we watched the premiere of the Fantastic Four series on Cartoon Network. We're not sure it was the best episode to premiere with, because it really felt like nothing happened. I really just think that with Warner Brothers, DC has a better animation team. But the Human Torch was really sexy. Okay, to be fair, the animation looked like really high quality (I'm not sure about the movement, because it was only our first time watching, and I wasn't paying as much attention), and, watching The Batman this morning (normally we would have watched Eyeshield21, but Celeste was already awake), then they're probably about even. I just can't let go of Justice League Unlimited or Teen Titans.

After that, we watched A Series of Unfortunate Events, on Celeste's insistence. Okay, it was only technically on her insisting, because she did insist, but there was no resistance. Ever since it was out in theaters, Sarah kept telling us we should see it, and Sarah's got fairly good judgment about these things. Anyway, we watched it, and it was awesome. My only complaint is now we have to get the books, and we don't have any money. And we're all sad about Monty.

And then Athena and I had ice cream and Celeste took the computer. We told her she had to be off by eleven-thirty so I could update LiveJournal before September 3. I thought about letting her stay on until like eleven-fifty, because all her friends are online (especially at a time like this when she's without a cellphone), but she got off at eleven-thirty, and I was thinking it was good that she did, because we'd been away from the computer for so long, we might have a lot of reading to do before we got to update. But then it turned out nothing had been updated at all, so it really didn't matter. I guess that's what happens on Saturdays.

Also today, we got a letter from blackhope's missionary friend's companion. It was really cool, because he's a native Japanese, so the letter was all in Japanese. And he was really nice and wrote furigana over everything, including the katakana! Very cute. He talked about his companion a lot, so I think it may have been an attempt to nudge us in a, "Hey, remember this elder? He's really nice; you should write to him," sort of way. So I felt a little bad, but not too bad, because we did write to him! Yay!!!

And that was our day, minus the blitzball and searching through Aladdin character designs and watching some other things I didn't mention. Today I'm thankful for quality time with family, unexpected letters from Japan in Japanese, getting to watch A Series of Unfortunate Events, getting to update LJ before the day is out (though technically right now it's the third), and Disney sing-alongs.
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