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Last night's "Who wants to be a Superhero?" was totally awesome, as expected. Athena's said many times, and I agree, that she can imagine Judgment Day being like the eliminations in that show. It really seems like the contestants are being tested for the same things the scriptures tell us we'll be tested for. And they didn't have to complete all the tasks perfectly; they just had to do the best they could. We actually found a lot of gospel parallels in that show. Athena says there've been a few times in Sunday School where she thought, "It's like, in 'Who wants to be a Superhero'..." And the ultimate prize for the winner is immortality! Only in real life, we're not competing against everyone else.

And everyone who was playing for the right reasons got what they wanted, even if they didn't win. There were no losers, although there were a few people that we were sad to see them go. But we were definitely happy with the results. And the finale was so great!!! I was thinking of talking all about it, but those who have seen it have seen it, and for those who haven't it's spoileriffic. It's coming out on DVD, so anybody who missed it can probably Netflix it. I know the last episode, at least, is available on iTunes.

In other news, we went to the gym today. We didn't even stay for ten minutes, but we're such weaklings that just walking there was exhausting (though that probably has more to do with the heat), so we figure it's best to take things gradually.

Celeste borrowed Steve's video camera so she can make an audition tape, and when she bought the tape to record on, she had to buy it in a set of two, which means there's an extra for us to make a movie on. But she promised she'd have the camera back Sunday at the latest, so we don't have much time to come up with anything. Any ideas?

Today I'm thankful for the Internet working again, having a fitness center in our apartment complex, George Foreman grills, cookie-making parties, and things to watch on TV while the Internet's down.
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