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First of all...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY blackhope!!!!!

You're actually probably not going to be able to read this for like a year, but just in case you do eventually find this entry, I wanted it to be said. There've been a lot of birthday wishes on our friends list lately, which reminds me of something Aunt Zina once said: "You know what causes all these August babies? November."

Today we're excited because our package came! Yay!!! Now we have the alternate cover, and it's awesome. On the back where it has all the price info and stuff, the ISBN number is ISBNE-XTRA-COVE-R, and instead of listing the publisher as Ichijinsha, it says Tenjiku Publishing. That's just too cool.

We flipped through the magazine, too, and fortunately for us anti-spoiler Nazis, Saiyuki Reload was taking a break this month, so we can flip through it without worrying about spoilers, which was part of we never got around to reading any of our Asuka magazines (fear of DN Angel spoilers). And! It had a couple of pictures of Miyano-kun♥ with Takahiro Sakurai and Kenichi Suzumura, because they're all in the CD dramas of a series called DOLLS. And anytime Suzumura-san is involved in photos, there's fun poses.

In the back of the magazine, there are a few words from each of the manga artists, and Kazuya Minekura's comment was, "The bonus this time is the spoiler cover, so if you put it on your book, everyone will know its contents at one glance." So true. Maybe one of these days we'll have to scan it and put it under an LJ cut so people who know what happens or don't care about spoilers can see it. It's very cool.

Today I'm thankful for getting our package, pretty extra covers, fun pictures of voice actors (wow I just realized that Suzumura-san is Hikaru; yay, Hikaru & Tamaki together! with a side of sexy Sakurai-san), being able to make gelatin so Celeste didn't have to drink that nasty stuff by itself, and deductive reasoning.
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