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But no Gummi Bears

Mondays tend to be our busiest days, probably because they're the only days we have plans (except for church on Sundays, but Sunday is special). And ironically, those are also the days we feel least productive, because we're running around being busy.

Today we went to the post office. Celeste had gone over to Mom's, and then she had a doctor's appointment, so we figured we had time. But before we left, we noticed she'd signed off of AIM, and we didn't know how long her appointment would take, and we knew she'd come back here afterward because we told her we needed to go to the grocery store to get refreshments for FHE and she didn't have a key.

So we decided to go to the post office anyway, but to make sure we got home before she did. So we walked reallyfast!. It didn't take long to realize that since our normal walking speed is pretty fast and we're super out-of-shape from not walking very often that walking reallyfast! wouldn't be the most pleasant of experiences. We made it anyway, and bought Pringles from the 99cents Only Store on the way home, and collapsed on the couch on our return. We recovered after about half an hour, and then we decided to watch Bleach and get it out of the way before lunch, but then Celeste got home about three and a half minutes in.

She asked if she could check if her boyfriend was online, so we let her have the computer, but he wasn't, so she collapsed on our floor and fell asleep. Athena pointed out that she was asleep, including her name in the sentence, and she still didn't move, so we figured it was alright to try watching anime again, and as soon as I hit play, she opened her eyes and started talking.

We went to the grocery store after lunch, and found out that Trolli now makes gummi octopuses (or is it octopi?)! So among all the stuff we got for refreshments, we bought an extra bag of octopi (on the bag it only has the singular; I guess they couldn't figure it out either) for ourselves. That's just too cool.

Then Celeste went to work out, so we got a CD's worth of work done, which ended up being only ten pages, even with three that practically had no text on them, because Lagoon Engine doesn't include furigana in its summaries and uses unusual terms. Then we finally got Bleach watched while Celeste came home and watched Foster's. And now I feel very nonproductive.

And because I feel nonproductive and tired, and Celeste is going to a baseball game tomorrow, thus allowing for lots of time to translate and update LiveJournal, I'll save the KH2 review for tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for gummi sour octopus, gummi sour crawlers, gummi strawberry puffs, gummi peach rings, and gummi ships.
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