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Why manipulation never works

We came up with this elaborate scheme to get Mom to take us to Jo-Ann's. See, mostly when we go fabric shopping, we go to Hancock Fabrics because it's closer, but we really want to see what kind of a selection they have at Jo-Ann's, because we're still having a hard time finding the fabric we want because of our extreme perfectionism.

But then I remembered that Mom seems to have no problem going to remote stores if they're in the same area as another place she wants to go. And that's where our Plan comes in. We know that Mom has been wanting to buy a copy of Kingdom Hearts (we think because she's tired of watching her stepson's boring sports games) but having a hard time finding it. So we go to to see if they have it there, and to see if there's an Electronics Boutique nearby, hoping that there would be one near Jo-Ann's.

That was probably where we started to go wrong, because, while I like to think we're diligent enough to always follow through on our quests, we're rarely in such a hurry that we don't allow distractions. We figure while we're at the EB site anyway, we might as well check for a few other games we've been wanting that BestBuy and Toys "R" Us don't seem to carry. Of course, EB has them, and now our plot to go to Jo-Ann's is forgotten in our desire for new video games.

So we decide we want to go video game shopping. I called Mom and told her we found out that EB has Kingdom Hearts, and that there are three in the area. And that's where it all fell apart. See, when trying to manipulate people, you have to know everything about what's going on, and how people are going to react. Otherwise, something unexpected is almost guaranteed to mess everything up.

Mom's stepdaughter had a birthday party in an hour. It was at a mall that didn't have an EB, to Mom's disappointment, but she was going to think things over to see if maybe we could go to one later. So we thought everything was okay. But this mall did have a Game Spot. Mom called from the Game Spot. I can't remember why, but while she was talking to me she found a used copy of Kingdom Hearts. But now we don't get to go video game shopping, or to Jo-Ann's. It might have been to ask what the other games we wanted were, which would be very nice, and would explain why I don't remember (blocking memories of nice things done by someone I'm annoyed with--not a good thing, but something that sometimes happens).

At any rate, we did get a copy of Phantom Brave out of it, so it's not a total loss. But next time, we'll just come out and say what we want.
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