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Whine, whine, whine

We've been going through one of our, "Boohoo, no one loves the Twins" phases lately (which certainly was not helped by Celeste ditching us on "Who wants to be a Superhero?" night last night and watching it with the guy she thinks might be her boyfriend). Added on to that was Mom's persistent asking of whether or not we wanted to go to the grape harvest tomorrow (to which the answer is, "Please don't ask us that!"), which of course made us feel guilty. We managed to calm ourselves down and convince ourselves we're not necessarily horribly evil people for not wanting to participate in the production of raisins (ew), and decided to check computer stuff before watching a movie.

So here we are, feeling sad and lonely because Celeste would rather spend the evening with the guy she's not sure is her boyfriend, and weakened from guilt, and we get a newsletter from Akadot Retail. Apparently, their new shipment includes the latest issue of Zero-Sum magazine, which normally wouldn't phase us because we like to wait for the tankoubon's. But I've mentioned before that there's an alternate cover for Saiyuki Reload 7, and based on Akadot's description, it would seem that it's a bonus extra that comes with this very issue of Zero-Sum, and not something you have to send in for like we originally thought. After seeing the cover, we couldn't really make it out, but we could make it out enough to know that we really really really want this picture. (As a warning to those who might be curious enough to search the site for the magazine, the picture on the alternate cover is kind of spoilerish.)

So we clicked on the link, because we're like, "What!? It comes with the magazine!?" And we saw that Akadot only had four in stock. If we act now, we could order it, and have it by Monday! But if we wait, they'll sell out, and it will have to be special ordered from then on and we may never see it!

I figure, heck it's only $8.80. A little much, but not too much. And then we check shipping. And since we're in California, we have to pay sales tax. And that comes to about $15, basically for one picture. I mean, we might read the magazine, but based on how much we've read of the stack of Asuka magazines currently sitting on our desk, that seems a little unlikely. And we probably wouldn't use the alternate cover, except to scan and make a wallpaper out of, and to look at its prettiness. It's just so perfect!

But we were strong, and chose not to buy it. Still, I feel the need to post in mourning. To which I must say, "Dude, get over it! There are people who would kill for a measly box of raisins, and you're whining over a book cover!" Alas.
Tags: angst, money issues, saiyuki

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