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And once again, the idea of productivity goes out the window!

We decided that Celeste had to take us to the post office, because we needed to get blackhope's letter in the mail so it could get to him on or around his birthday. Mom also needed Celeste to play chauffeur (or chauffeuse, if you want to be all technical and French (I only know this because Athena got out Grandpa's old French-English dictionary to check the spelling on chauffeur)) for her, because Steve had one car and Mom hates driving Sarah around to seminary and stuff, so Sarah had the other one. And since one of the places Mom needed to go was Mailboxes, Etc., Mom suggested Celeste just take us along when she went to see Mom.

We took care of Mom's errands and went to Baskin Robbins, and then Mom started up her computer's Disney trivia game, which actually had hard questions, so we played that for a while. We thought it would be less confusing if we stayed at Mom's place until Celeste got back from her doctor's appointment, especially because with the plan that involved taking us home, Celeste would have had to drop us off, find the way to the doctor's office, and also find a Panda Express, and when she was clarifying it with Mom it all sounded very confusing, so I said we could just stay there. Then Mom didn't want to eat in front of us, so they decided to order pizza instead, and that worked out very well for us.

While Celeste was gone, we noticed a box with bright magenta yarn on Mom's floor. I said, "You know, that's almost the right color for what we want to make. Too flourescent, though." And I'm not sure on all the details after that, but it all ended up with Mom teaching Athena how to knit, which only took a total of about ten minutes (the teaching part; there were a few practice bits, and undoing and redoing bits, and waiting for Mom to take a break from Luxor or whatever that game she was playing was, but Mom only spent ten minutes or less on the project). So now Athena's knitting what we figure will probably end up as a cat toy, since it's a little too narrow to be a scarf. Unless we want a really narrow scarf. At any rate, it will be good practice.

Mom also gave us the box with all the yarn, which, aside from the bright magenta, had a nice navy blue, and a furry pink! Yay!

And then we got home to find, as we knew we would, a package slip for what we assume to be Lagoon Engine 5, but we haven't opened the package yet. But I don't think we'll be working on it today, because we're slackers. And because our deadline's not for a month.

And! Last night we decided it was time to change out LJ format, so now it's a very pretty pale pink, which is very nice and soothing for when we're feeling braindead or overloaded. We did a tiny bit of color changing so the main background is slightly different than the entry backgrounds, and I think it turned out really nice.

But what I should have been doing was writing an e-mail to Clay. I'm such a slacker.

Today I'm thankful for being treated to ice cream and pizza, Athena learning how to knit, furry pink yarn, not having to go out and buy knitting needles (at least for the time being), and our pretty new LJ format.
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