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So much for productivity.

This morning started out with a maintenance guy knocking on our door and telling us he was here to turn off our water heater, and not to use our stove because there was a gas leak. We hadn't yet turned the computer on, and since I remember long long ago being told that when there's a gas leak, you have to be careful about even using light switches, this was a bit of a problem. We were brave enough to risk turning on the TV, though, because there's only so much we can do without our appliances, and we got bored very quickly. And the TV only involves turning on one thing, while the computer involves a bunch more.

The guy said they'd let us know when it was all clear, and we noticed a blue truck from the gas & electric company outside, so we decided to play Final Fantasy X until at least the blue truck was gone. Little did we know, that took about five hours. They still haven't come to let us know it's safe to use the stove, but since the gas company is gone, we figure things are probably safe. Maybe. We think. At least nothing blew up when we turned the computer on.

But by that time, we were too weirded out to do any of the productive things we'd had planned. Celeste was going to take us to the post office, but we wanted to stay here until they told us things were okay, so we didn't come back and assume it was okay to use the stove and then blow everything up accidentally. And I still haven't written an e-mail to Clay (I did get it started though!). Two things to do today, and we can't get either of them done! Lame.

Obviously I don't think it's that lame, or I would have done them anyway. And there's still plenty of time to finish an e-mail to Clay, especially since Danny Phantom's probably not on.

On the productive side, we did manage to defeat the Greater Sphere in FFX. Somehow, I don't think that counts. It was funny though, because Celeste came home from using Mom's computer and saw us fighting the thing and immediately started complaining about how stupid and annoying it is, and why won't it just die already, and she's never played FFX!

Today I'm thankful that nothing blew up when we turned the computer on, the JWPce word processor, water heaters, maintenance guys looking out for our safety (now if only they'd come back and let us know we're safe, and turn our water heater back on), and Google.
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