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I feel productive today. We turned in a translation, and we got a work order for another one, and we wrote letters! And we were reminded again why we don't write letters more often. My arm still hurts a little bit from all the writing. Maybe it comes from being away from school and not having to write for so long. I love being able to type.

I still need to write back to Clay, but we decided two long letters to missionaries are enough for one day, especially since usually I only get part of one letter done before I decide it's time to take a break and do something else. So hopefully I'll get that done tomorrow, since we're waiting on a book again, and therefore not translating. Though we could translate Host Club 2 if we wanted to, but there's a guarantee we won't finish it before we get this other book. Unless we went into ultra crazy hyper translation mode, and even then, it seems unlikely.

For a while now, I would occasionally wonder why there hasn't been any news of not only DN Angel, but Lagoon Engine as well, at the Asuka website. Several months ago, we figured the reason there was no new DN Angel was that Yukiru Sugisaki was working on Lagoon Engine. But then volume 5 of Lagoon Engine came out, and there were no new chapters of that either. I never really thought too much of it, because I had other things to obsess over, but in the interest of procrastinating letter-writing, and because our new work order is for Lagoon Engine 5, I thought about it hard enough to see if I could find anything out.

I didn't really expect to find anything, because usually I just check the Asuka website and see that no, there's nothing by Yukiru Sugisaki this month or next. The end. But today I was smart and went to Yukiru Sugisaki's personal website, and found out that she's started a new series, being serialized in Shounen Ace as of this month. It's called Eden, and that's all I know. But if we want, we can get a wallpaper of it, with a picture of who we can only guess is either the main character or some other important character. But we don't know who it is, so we don't have nearly as much love for that character as we do for Sora. But we might get the wallpaper anyway, because there's no telling how much we'll care in the future.

It's pretty exciting that Yukiru Sugisaki's got a new series, but on the other hand, we want more DN Angel!!! *whinewhine* Sometimes I wonder if she deals with writer's block by coming up with a new series. We still need to get Lagoon Engine Einsatz, too. I hope they're still selling the special edition when we can afford it.

They seem to have stopped showing Danny Phantom at 6:30 on weekdays. I noticed it on Monday, and when I checked the TV Guide channel to see if we were missing something, it still said Nick was showing Danny Phantom. So I changed it back, but it was still definitely Zoey 101. And yesterday we turned it to Nick at 6:30, and there was the title screen for Zoey 101 again. I'm a little concerned about this, especially after Butch Hartman took the time on his forums to point out that they didn't cancel the airing of Danny Phantom, they just stopped production. Maybe it's just for the week.

In the meantime, we now have an extra half hour with which to figure out what to do with ourselves. It will most likely involve blitzball.

Today I'm thankful for having gotten letters written, being able to type, shiny new serieses (now we just have to wait for enough chapters that they can release a tankoubon), Doritos, and Takashi Morinozuka.
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