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Computer problems

In the interest of solving our CD drive problem, we went to the Dell website. This probably came from the reasoning that we need a new CD drive now, we very well may need a new monitor in the near future, and there's no telling what other stuff we may end up needing, so we may as well get a new computer. The Dell website was the first one we checked, but since it ended up being the least expensive, and it had one desktop model that we decided would be the computer we got should we decide we could afford a new one, we ended up sticking with it, even though Best Buy has a few packages that may be a little less expensive.

We haven't bought anything yet, though, because it's a big purchase, and we like to take some time to think before spending so much money. Really, we just need a computer that will let us translate, use the Internet, and watch anime, since that's all we do with our computer. We just happen to do it a lot. And being able to burn CDs and/or DVDs is a plus.

At this point in the story, I realize it would have been funnier if at some point we had thought, "All we want is a computer that won't explode." Because when we got to FHE and told our anime buddy that we were thinking of buying a computer from Dell, the first thing she thought of was hearing about a couple of incidents where Dell laptops exploded. So now I'm a little concerned. I think it should be okay, since we want a desktop computer, not a laptop, and she said they found out that the problem was with the battery, but I'm still paranoid. At the very least, it has a year long warranty, so we should be okay, right? For at least a year, anyway.

We're planning on ordering the computer tomorrow morning, unless one of our computer savvy friends posts a comment saving us from making a terrible mistake.
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