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So yesterday, right after I posted to LiveJournal, I pushed the button to open the CD drive so I could put in our Symphony SEED CD to listen to while we read manga. But the drive didn't open. The light didn't turn on. Nothing.

Of course I pushed the button a few more times just in case I had pushed it wrong the first time, and I even tried pushing the eject button on our keyboard to see if it would do anything, but we still got nothing. And today the light is on, which I don't think is supposed to be the case, since it's not doing anything else. I think our CD drive is officially dead, may it rest in peace.

It's possible that it's not dead. Before its current state of non-consciousness, we got a couple of messages from our computer telling us that the CD drive had been unplugged. That was really strange, considering its an internal drive. Or we really have no clue about computers, which is also entirely possible.

At any rate, it seems it's time to get a new CD drive. Obviously, what we really want is a burner, preferably one that burns DVDs, so we can watch Eyeshield21 on our nice big TV screen. Unless we could burn CDs the way our fanboy friend got Magical Nyan Nyan Tart burned for us... what was it called? CVD? VCD? I think it was VCD. That looks right. And they work on our DVD player. In fact, I think they worked better than the Full Moon o Sagashite DVDs he burned for us.

Fortunately, we're pretty sure we didn't have any CDs in the CD drive before it stopped working. Also fortunately, we have another CD player that we can use while we figure out what we're going to do about this situation. This also tends to be the time of year we end up needing to do something to fix our computer. Unfortunately, funds are limited, and we have no idea what to look for. Any helpful hints would be greatly appreciated.

After once again failing at the Cerberus Cup (or rather, thrice again) we finally went back to Twilight Town. I really don't have much to say about Twilight Town, though. So on to Hollow Bastion. The first time we played through, I was getting nervous at this point, because it was fairly obvious there wouldn't be many more new worlds, if any, and I didn't want the game to be over so soon. I should have realized that they wouldn't introduce Cloud so close to the end.

I was kind of amused by Cloud. He says he's looking for the guy who represents all the darkness in his heart, and Donald says, "Well, I thought you looked different, Cloud," and Cloud says, "If I do, it's his fault," and I thought, "Tetsuya Nomura represents all the darkness in Cloud's heart?" I thought it was funny, anyway. And then we met the Gullwings, and we're like, "Gwah?" and then Stitch was running around, and we're like, "Gwah?" and then Tifa shows up and we're like, "Oh, okay." I think the most shock came with the Gullwings, because 1)they were cute little fairy type things, and 2)they were working for Maleficent. I wonder if they'll play a bigger role in Kingdom Hearts III, because their existence in KH2 really has no bearing on anything at all. Except for the keychain they give you, which we don't use, because it has Exp. Boost.

So we go meet Squall, and it's the cutest thing that Sora has no idea how to use a computer. Once the MCP started talking, we were a little confused. It kind of felt like Reboot, but that's not Disney. Then they got zapped into the computer, and we're like, "Wha...? Is this... Tron...?" Then we met Tron, and we're like, "It's Tron!" And then for three days we were like, "I can't believe we go to Tron world!" It didn't help that we first went to Space Paranoids on Saturday night, and we only had time to confirm that it was Tron world before turning Kingdom Hearts off for Sunday.

Later, we were looking through the Chain of Memories instruction booklet, and there was an ad for a Tron GBA game. They had been trying to tell us all along that we should have watched Tron before we got KH2. The whole bit where they get arrested would have been that much more awesome if we'd been able to associate it with Tron. Oh well.

I definitely think that Tron's whole premise works exceptionally well for Kingdom Hearts, but not so much for its movie. I mean, in Kingdom Hearts, it's totally awesome, but the movie...

And then we met the King again, and he was being all ominous about Riku, and we knew he was alive, because that was totally him helping Kairi get to Twilight Town, so we weren't too worried, but it did of course make us more impatient to see him. One thing Athena noticed this time around was that Sora says "impostor," and Mickey says "imposter." It's cute how easily confused Sora is. Maybe it wasn't so easily, because Celeste says she was very confused at that part as well. Maybe we play too many video games.

The 8-bit Sora, Donald, and Goofy were the cutest things! And the expression on Sora's face when Squall leaves him to find all the files on his own is so adorable! "It's just a few keystrokes. Easy, right?" Too cute.

And then we get to the giant Hollow Bastion fight. It was awesome to see Squall and Cloud together. I like how they play off of each other. I'm still not sure what Sora mouths to Donald and Goofy when he finally figures out that they're going to help him keep fighting instead of hauling him away from the battle (Athena's pretty sure it's "sankyuu"), but I do think that if Mickey is telling Sora not to fight, he must have a very good reason. That's why I was really scared when they tried to kill Goofy off. I mean, obviously Goofy can't stay dead; this is a fact I repeated over and over after it happened, along with the fact that Goofy's been hit on the head tons of times before. But I was worried it would make Sora, or even Mickey, do something really, really bad. In fact, Saix had just told Sora that Axel would stop at nothing to turn him into a Heartless, so I was worried that Sora would become a Heartless and we'd be back to playing as Roxas. Thinking about it, that could have been really cool. But still!!

But going back to the fight with Demyx, I just have to mention that I'm really curious to see the Japanese script, because that, "We do too have hearts. Don't be mad..." line makes no sense at all. It's still weird to think that he's played by Randall.

There's some speculation that one of the reasons Mickey chased after Xemnas was to get out of telling Sora what he really knew about Riku. Kind of like, "Hey, I can go after Xemnas, and get out of telling Sora! Sweet!" Only Mickey doesn't say "sweet" with that connotation. But still.

The showdown between Maleficent and Saix was pretty neat. I'm still not sure I like how they portray Maleficent in this game, motive-wise, but I do think she probably would help Sora if it meant getting her revenge. I just don't know why she'd want revenge on Organization XIII. Athena suggests it might be along the lines of, "The Organization isn't allowed to kill Sora. That's her job." Maleficent just seems to be very random in KH2, like where she shows up and stuff. It's hard to figure out what she's trying to do. Maybe she hasn't figured it out yet, since her big master plan from KH1 had been smashed to itty bitty bits.

And then we saw Riku, and he still didn't take the stupid hood off, but it was nice to see him. Then we went and bounced around with Tigger, and had some finny fun, and were sad that Olympus Coliseum was closed off, and did a bunch of Gummi missions, from which Athena's thumb still hurts.

One of the interesting things about KH2 is that when we start it up, I hear the opening music, and I love it so much I think, "Man we need to get this soundtrack!" And then I remember that we have it. Maybe I just got too used to thinking that the first time we played through.

Today I'm thankful for Eggo cereal, fruitful quests, the many years of service from our possibly late CD drive, our non-computer-attached CD player, and Mitsukuni Haninozuka.
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