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We changed our wallpaper last night because we'd had the last one up for at least a month (probably a lot longer, actually), and it was time for something different. But the pull of Kingdom Hearts is strong, which is why we hadn't changed it yet. See, we only have two that are made from fully rendered 3D pictures, and that's my favorite kind, and I didn't want to just switch back to the old one. Back when we were translating Saiyuki Reload 7, and we were totally in love with Saiyuki, the thought occurred to me that I could change the wallpaper to one of our Saiyuki ones, and have our own little Saiyuki world on our computer. But it just wasn't Kingdom Hearts, so I couldn't bring myself to do it.

So now our wallpaper is a non fully rendered 3D picture of Sora in Valor Form. Only since we got it from the Japanese website, it says Brave Form. That might start confusing me. Like how at AX we kept saying Hayner's name with a long "I" sound instead of a long "A." We hadn't even spent that much time at Japanese website. It's just that we'd seen the name written in Japanese more recently than we'd heard it spoken in English. Or written, for that matter.

Oh yes! I forgot to mention this yesterday, but the other night we were looking at the TokyoPop website, and we found out that they finally have a page up for the Insaaaaaaaane Series, which means now I can talk about it. It's called Nosatsu Junkie, and I think the author wants "nosatsu" to be translated as "charming," since almost all of the color pictures say "charming junkie" on them somewhere, but for some reason apparently TokyoPop has decided to keep the original title.

It's from the same publisher as Host Club, which may or may not explain the insanity. (After translating a book of Host Club, I think that one could also be called the insaaaaaaaane series.) That is to say, every page is chock-full of text, making it difficult to translate. And the characters are insane. I would love to see this animated, but only by a director who makes sure to keep it high-tension. And there's a chance they'd get a girl to play the main guy, which just wouldn't be the same.

Sadly, it doesn't come out until December, so I can't tell people to go check it out. But at least we know it will be out in December, as opposed to Bus Gamer, which was up on their website, but has long since disappeared and we have no idea when it might be released.

Today I'm thankful for pretty new wallpaper, learning that we can in fact screencap our screensaver, being able to talk about another series we work on, sleep, and Kyoya Ootori.
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