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Lazy day

Wow, our friends list is so empty. It's like everybody has a life or something *grin*

We, on the other hand, have spent most of the day playing blitzball. We also found out the code to the gym, so maybe we'll start getting a little more exercise.

There's actually a convention going on in Fresno this weekend. I guess the main reason we decided not to go is that we weren't sure if we could spare the registration fee for both of us. That and we would have had to recruit someone to take us there, since there's a big single's ward thing in Pismo Beach today, and our anime buddy seemed to be acting like that was the obvious choice.

It reminds us of when, and I've probably told this story before, our uncle brought his youngest daughter down to LA with him because he was doing some carpentry type work. Because of whom he was working for, people were given the option of going to the beach, or going to swim in Lucy Liu's boyfriend's pool. Our cousin chose the beach, and since she was the one whose dad was doing the work, nobody else got to go to Lucy Liu's boyfriend's house.

I guess if we had been more persistent, we could easily have figured out a way to afford Ani-Jam. I guess that's where laziness gets you.

Today I'm thankful for knowing the code to get into the gym, Udderly Chocolate ice cream, patient kitties, Hikaru Hitachiin, and Kaoru Hitachiin.
Tags: life, nostalgia trip

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