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While we were translating today, we realized that it would really help us to read some American comic books, so we can get a better idea of English sound effects. Translated sound effects from other manga seem like they won't help; everything we've seen just isn't natural. Normally, since TokyoPop leaves most sound effects untranslated, we don't torture ourselves too much over them, and actually, I'm currently in the habit of just transliterating them because if people are familiar with Japanese pronunciation, that would be the closest to what the sound is supposed to be anyway.

But Elemental Gelade is different. In Elemental Gelade, they speak sound effects. They do it in other serieses too, but it's most noticeable in this one. And translating something as, "Do it with a babiiii and a bishiiiii!" or "Babiiii and bishiiiii her!" just doesn't quite work. So we need to learn English sound effects, and we figure the best way to do it is through American comics.

The biggest problem with American comics, aside from the fact that we still don't have any money we can really spare, is figuring out some place to start. Maybe we should go to 8-Bit Theatre and find in the news archives where Brian Clevinger talks about which comics he likes. In the mean time, we should check out the comics Professor York gave us. We're still kind of afraid of them, because they were paper-clipped to our final papers when we got them back, but we weren't sure if they were meant as a gift or a loan, and we only ever saw him again once, when we passed by him on campus walking the other way. So if anyone at BYU happens to know Professor York and wants to ask him about that, it would be appreciated. I wonder if he'd even remember.

And now we're waiting for our Relief Society president to come by in about an hour with pizza. We're not supposed to know about it, but Celeste wasn't sure how we'd react to the surprise, so she let it slip. If only Celeste had been reading our LiveJournal in January; she would have known. I kind of feel bad for spoiling the surprise, but it's still greatly appreciated. I also wonder if people in the ward who know that we've had financial problems think of us the same way Tamaki did when he had that dream about going to Haruhi's house. If it means free pizza, though, I guess it's not a problem. We also happen to know that the RS president likes pizza and her roommate doesn't so much, so it's a good excuse to get together.

Today I'm thankful for surprise pizzas, finding out about Disney sweepstakes involving fabulous vacations before they're over, Celeste liking Kaleido Star, the weather not getting into the hundreds for the last several days, and gifts/loans of comic books.
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