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Speak of the devil...

I think actually the Japanese version is more appropriate, because it doesn't involve the devil. Oh well.

See, Celeste was telling us last night on the way home from FHE about how she got a business card from one of the missionaries in the ward (but she was sad because it wasn't the cute missionary), which reminded us we needed to write to blackhope's missionary friend in Japan. We keep putting it off and forgetting about it, and when we remember I get frustrated because I think handwritten letters would be better and less complicated than e-mail (in this situation), but we don't have enough postage to spare. Then Athena gets the mail as we head towards our apartment, and lo and behold, there's a letter from the missionary.

I was afraid to open it at first, because I felt like it might say stuff that would make us feel even more guilty for not writing back to him in so long, but it turned out to be a newsletter type thing, so it wasn't so bad. Eventually we'll figure out what we're going to do about responding. That reminds me I need to e-mail Clay.

On the birthday money front, Celeste gave us more details when she got home from Mom's place, and as it turns out our theory about us not getting anything was only half correct. According to Mom's reasoning, we got dinner and a movie. We should have seen that one coming, too, but first off, it's incorrect (the only movie we got from Mom was a bribe for helping keep score at a baseball game (not a birthday present), and everyone gets dinner), and second it still doesn't add up to $35 each. I probably wouldn't have been so upset about it if I hadn't recently been talking on the phone to a guy in the ward who, very unintentionally, brought up painful memories and insecurities involving FHE refreshments.

Fortunately, at FHE the spiritual thought was about being cheerful, and so to cheer everyone up, the girl who did the spiritual thought brought a bunch of comic strips for everyone to read. We were bad at first, because we were so annoyed that we were like, "Please, like that'll work." But as it turns out, she has some pretty good taste in comics, so it did work. That in itself was a little annoying, but we're brats like that.

And that bring us to today. Celeste had no plans, so we spent a lot of time just talking and not getting anything done. We finally got to work and managed to translate three pages before lunch. Like I said to Celeste, if we were working on a novel, that would be pretty impressive (we worked for about half an hour). And like Celeste said to us, too bad we weren't. But that's okay, because we got bills paid and the bathroom scrubbed.

Today I'm thankful for people saying hi, friendly newsletters to remind us to write to people without making us feel any more guilty than we already do, comic strips, dish soap, and scrubbing bubbles.
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