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Should have seen it coming.

Celeste decided to go to Mom's today to use her computer and eat her food. While she was there, she apparently continued her petition to get a laptop for her birthday. We got an IM from her telling us that Mom said she's only going to give Celeste $35 for her birthday. When we asked Celeste why, she told us that Mom said it was "to be fair."

That's excellent news for us, because in that case Mom owes us $70 for our birthday, which would totally pay for the three CDs at the top of our List (we could totally handle shipping costs ourselves). But since this is Mom we're talking about, we're not getting our hopes up too high. It's possible that the fairness is that Sarah can have whatever she wants, the Twins get nothing, and Celeste gets $35 so it all averages out. Sadly, I'm only half joking, but it is kind of funny.

We also kind of need someone living in our apartment to get another computer, because now that Celeste's started school, we'll all need to be using a computer, and balancing a schedule will be very difficult. And once summer's officially over, it'll get too cold to turn nocturnal. But if Celeste keeps going over to Mom's, she might be enough of a nuisance to convince Steve that it would be worth paying for a new computer to get Celeste out of Mom's hair. Only time will tell.

Sora is one of the cutest things ever. We decided that because of battle level it would be smarter to wait to go back to Twilight Town until after going to Halloween Town and the Pride Lands, especially since Sora didn't see any of the plot stuff we saw, so it's not like it would be urgent. I mean, sure, he'd want to see Hayner and everyone again, but he'd probably want to see Jack just as much. So it was of to Halloween Town.

I kind of like how they made it so Jack was trying to take over Christmas again, and not just a replay of the movie. Celeste made a comment that she hates that Goofy is the smart one of the group, but Sora never was the brightest crayon in the box. It's so cute how he was so excited to see Santa Claus. And then when Santa told him he was on the naughty list! So cute! I can just imagine the scene seven years ago, with Riku saying something like, "Don't tell me you still believe Santa exists!" and Sora would be like, "......No!" Too cute.

Oogie's return made a lot more sense than Maleficent's, since she brought him back. I guess she had a little more free time to try to destroy Christmas, since all the villains she had allied were kind of killed. And they really were only kind of killed.

Like I said, after Halloween Town, we went to the Pride Lands. Sora makes the most adorable little lion! Technically, he should be a teenage lion, but I guess he kind of is, since they left his hair as a little mane, and he's Japanese, so it makes sense that he'd be so small. I kind of felt like Sora was acting the same way he was in Port Royal, wanting to be king and stuff. Maybe the darkness was getting to him, with the anti-form and all. And it makes more sense for him to try to be king than to try to be a pirate, which he should already think of as being wrong.

At first I was disappointed when he couldn't jump over the gorge, and Nala's like, "Rafiki was right, he is too lame to be king," (only that's not really what she said, but that's how I took it because I'm overly defensive of Sora). Athena said it reminded her of when Tidus said, "At least Kairi will always have Riku to watch out for her," back in KH1. But it's fair for Sora not to think he can make it, because he was still getting used to being on four legs. And Nala didn't know that, so she's forgiven, too. There's still some debate as to how Goofy made it across the gorge. My theory is that Nala carried him in her mouth, but Celeste thinks he was too big. Athena suggests maybe he just jumped, and they didn't worry about him falling because he has such a hard shell. Obviously he didn't fall, because they all acted surprised after The Incident in Hollow Bastion later.

Pete looks more like a dog than a lion, which is really ironic, because he's supposed to be feline to begin with. The Savannah looks a lot like Hyrule Field. I don't mind Simba being angsty, because that's how he is in the movie and stuff, but the actor just sounded off. He did sound a lot like Matthew Broderick, which is impressive, but it would have been nice if he'd delivered the lines better. Sometimes, we wish we were ADR directors.

After we finished at the Pride Lands, we went to the 100 Acre Woods, where I was once again reminded of Syaoran. Irino-kun seems destined to play characters that are forgotten by their best friends. It's still very cute though. I love the sliding game, and I wish I could remember what it's really called. I like the part where you're sliding through all the words. It's neat.

Then we went to try out the Cerberus Cup, which is still the hardest cup in the tournament, and after several failed attempts, it was time for "Who Wants to be a Superhero?" so we stopped.

In other news, we've decided it would be a good idea for at least one of us to learn how to knit. So all our knitting friends, would you be kind enough to give us some links to websites, or refer us to a book or something that will teach knitting? Of course, we don't currently have money for knitting needles or the yarn we'll eventually need for the project that's started this whole thing (we have some yarn; just not the right yarn), but it would be nice to be prepared when we do.

Today I'm thankful for being at a part in Elemental Gelade with no singing, pretty Riku Winamp skins, mini-CDs, getting postage stamps from Mom, and getting a new keychain in the middle of a world so that you can equip it and it matches the scenery instead of totally clashing because cute oceany Keyblades are too bright and cheerful for Halloween Town, for example.
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