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Still adjusting

I think normally I would have posted earlier today, but our Sunday schedule is still being adjusted for Celeste being here. Instead of reading manga for an hour like usual, we watched another disc of Kaleido Star. After that, we were hoping to use the computer, but Celeste beat us to it. She asked what we were planning to do next, and we said we would turn on Kingdom Hearts, but we wanted to do some things on the computer first. Apparently she missed the last part. But we soon forgot about that, as we were playing Kingdom Hearts. Obviously I didn't forget for long, though, since I'm typing about it here. Oh well.

When she finished on the computer, she took a nap. I still think it's weird when people are napping, even if they're in another room. I don't know why; there's just a different atmosphere when someone is asleep. That's part of why we used to be so irritable on Sundays in the past. Everyone would go to sleep, and it just felt weird. But this time we were playing Kingdom Hearts, so it didn't matter so much.

And since I really want to get back to Kingdom Hearts, especially because we have to stop early so Celeste can watch the rerun of "Who wants to be a Superhero?" I'll stop here. Today I'm thankful for having candy from yesterday's bridal shower, the fact that I'm not dying, having all my teeth, being surrounded by air containing oxygen, and Hawaiian themed parties.
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