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Today has been an interesting day. It started out with a bridal shower. We got the invitation a while ago and were totally planning on going, but then we looked at it last night and realized it would be in the morning, and not in the afternoon like we had originally thought. Yet another reminder to pay more attention. So we thought we'd go if we go, but if not, well, oh well. But then the sister of the bride (and the hostess of the shower) called this morning, so we went, and it was fun like we knew it would be.

It was kind of a laid-back fun, which is definitely a good thing, I think. We of course played the game where everyone has a safety pin (or clothes pin) and if you catch someone crossing their legs you get their pin and any other pins they may have gotten from someone else. By the time they were ready to stop, three of us were ahead with three pins, so I nudged Athena, who crossed her legs and then I got both of hers. They gave me the prize even though I confessed to totally cheating, and I still felt bad about it, so we gave it to our anime buddy, who was the other person with three pins who hadn't gotten a prize already. But she said we could still have the loofa, since she didn't need another one.

After we got home, we had adventures in jar-opening. Celeste had gotten some raspberry jam from the Bishop's Storehouse and it took us like twenty minutes to open it. We tried all the tricks we knew, and it was still very stubborn. Then Celeste used the trick she learned working at the Pita Pit, and it still wouldn't open for her, but I got it open, and Celeste was able to have jam on her sandwich. I'm just pleased that we ended up not having to call some guy to do it.

Then we watched some more Kaleido Star. We started showing it to Celeste last night. I'd almost forgotten how much I like it. And of course we keep critiqueing the subtitles. We're terrible like that. It's not even translation errors, usually. It's mostly wording choice and editing and stuff. Sometimes I just want to have my own subtitling company. And sometimes I wonder if translators should be required to take creative writing classes, so they can have people talk like normal people, and not like people reciting an essay. That's usually what rewriters are for, but we don't trust them.

After we finished disc 2, Celeste called Mom to see if we could get her or Sarah to bring us cake or something. Sadly, it didn't work very well, even with Celeste being the one doing the talking. But at least we got to hear the line, "You can just grace us with your presence. And french fries."

And now here we are, updating LiveJournal. There've been a lot of entries on our friends' list talking about Host Club, so of course now we're dying to get episode 19 (because we're snobs and like to be ahead of everyone else). So we went to l33t-raws, and lo and behold there were two new file uploads! But they weren't Host Club. One was a batch file of Strawberry Panic and one was Naruto. Sometimes I feel like we end up outside of a lot of stuff because we don't watch Naruto, and I wish people would just watch something else for a change. It's like nobody ever does anything unless Naruto is involved. And yet we don't just suck it up and watch Naruto ourselves, despite our favorite voice actor being an important character in it. And then there it is being uploaded to l33t-raws instead of our beloved Host Club. But that's okay, because as I was typing this paragraph, I checked again, and there was Host Club 19, so it's all good.

And now Celeste is still trying to get Mom to bring her a milkshake. Mom apparently says she will if Celeste goes over to her place to watch The Mummy. Then Celeste says she'll go over there if Mom or Steve will stop being too chicken to play against her in Scrabble. And it's looking like that isn't going to happen.

Today I'm thankful for bridal shower cake, Kaleido Star DVDs, secret jar-opening techniques, days when we don't have to do laundry (of which today is not one *pout*), and baby seals.
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