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Speaking of Pavlov

I've figured out the biggest problem with Celeste living here: She's obsessed with country music. This in itself is not so bad a thing, nor is the fact that she likes to randomly burst out in song. But two of the periods in our life that I consider to be the most trying involved people blaring country music all the time, so while I don't hate country as a genre, and I'm sure there are even songs I would like a lot under normal circumstances, my conditioned response to country music is to want to start throwing things. It's only really a problem when I can't just turn on some other song right away to clean out my ears when she's done singing. Ah well.

Speaking of music, we started thinking too hard in a direction that led us to desperately wanting to order CDs from CD Japan. This happens from time to time, but as more and more CDs get added to the List of CDs to Order When We Have Money, it gets more depressing. Celeste went over to Mom's today to hang out with Sarah, and so we told her of our plan to convince Mom to commission me to make Halloween costumes for Sarah and Kimee, and then at least be able to decrease the list by two or three. She said she'd put in a word for us, but she's trying to get a laptop for her birthday. *sigh* If she's successful, our chances decrease enormously. So I guess we'll just hope to get more work, which we're doing anyway. If things work out well, we might get a contract that involves getting paid in much less than ninety days after turning in a translation!

We're almost done translating volume 1 of Host Club. In the afterword thingie, Hatori-sensei says she's worried that because it's so crazy with so many characters, it might be tiring just reading it. I don't know about just reading it, but translating it, yes. Anyway, pudges, we just need some confirmation that you haven't changed your e-mail address, and then we can get the translation to you as soon as it's done (we literally have two pages left). And then we can get back to Elemental Gelade, which maybe we should have finished before starting Host Club anyway. Ah well. Host Club is fun.

Today I'm thankful for SailorMoon Musical CDs, Gundam Seed CDs, Hershey's chocolate syrup, remembering lyrics to songs we haven't heard in forever, and SailorMoon Musicals.
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