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Making progress

We have come to the conclusion that our biggest problem is that we only have one computer. All of the stuff we do that's productive requires a computer, and Celeste much prefers applying for work online, for which I certainly do not blame her. And so either she or we end up wasting a bunch of time. It kind of works out, though, because we enjoy doing our productive stuff, and she doesn't. So if we're using the computer to be productive, it's a perfect excuse for her to procrastinate.

I think that's what's going on right now, because when we turned off 8 Simple Rules, I told her she could turn the TV back on if she wanted, and offered her the remote. So we all sat out there discussing what we should do, and then I finally said I was going to check e-mail, so we came in here to the computer, and as soon as we got in here, the TV went back on. It's kind of amusing, actually. I am concerned about when she starts school, though, because she'll be needing a computer to do her homework. Maybe she'll end up going over to Mom's like she did earlier today.

I kind of feel guilty talking about Celeste all the time, but there's nothing else going on around here. Mostly I just feel like I might come across as complaining, but I'm really not. If we had a deadline coming up, I might complain, but we don't, so we have time to work things out.

We did watch some anime today. Tsubasa Chronicle was being evil, in that it had one of those, "Oh my gosh, what's going to happen!?" kind of endings, which wouldn't be bad at all except that the next episode won't be on until the 26th. I guess that just means we have more time to stay caught up on everything else while trying to juggle computer schedules. And we'll probably just forget about the whole thing until we start watching the next episode anyway, since that's what happened with the last episode.

We are making progress on Host Club. It's slower than we'd like, but with a series like Host Club, that's to be expected. It's a lot like the Insaaaaaaaane Series in that respect. The interesting thing about Host Club is that there are some elements in the anime that I actually like better than the manga. This is unusual, because the manga of any series is almost always better than the anime (assuming the manga came first). And so I have dubbed the director of the Host Club anime A Genius. I think he was an animator on Fruits Basket, but I have to check on that to be sure.

Not that the manga is bad, of course. In fact, as of the first two chapters (=the first two episodes), it's almost exactly the same, minus a few banana peels. Tamaki comes across as a little more arrogant, but that might just be that we're better readers than listeners. Either way, it's Tamaki.

Today I'm thankful for having time at the computer, having time when Celeste is on the computer and we get to play video games (if only FFX wasn't being stupid (right, like it's the game's fault)), genius directors, fair compromises, and Tamaki.
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