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As it turns out, Steve just called the Bishop to find out if he knew anything about where Celeste was, because she didn't go back to their place after FHE on Monday. For those of you keeping score, Celeste didn't show up at our place until Wednesday (she called Tuesday night to ask if it was okay). As it also turns out, Celeste had been staying at the Bishop's place since Monday. But our Bishop is really cool, and all he told Steve was that she stayed with a good family. From what we hear, he gave Steve enough information that it wouldn't be a shock if they found out where she was, but it might embarrass Steve by putting him on the spot.

The interesting thing to me is that Steve never bothered calling us to find out if we knew where Celeste was. Maybe that's because Mom had just taken us grocery shopping on Tuesday and we said nothing. Celeste's theory is that Steve could potentially get Celeste in trouble with the Bishop, whereas we would just be like, "No wonder she ran away."

While she was there yesterday, the Bishop also put in an order to the Bishop's Storehouse, because he knows we're poor, and have no extra food or extra money, and he knows that Celeste has no money. Our Bishop is awesome.

And now Celeste is telling us about her text conversation with her not-boyfriend, and everytime she tells us what she texted, she moves her thumbs like pretend texting. It's really cute, like how people will hold their hand up to their head to indicate that they were talking on the phone. And it's looking like she'll be working at Pizza Hut for a while, which would be a dream come true for us. We can be so spoiled.

And now I'm too distracted to type much else. Today I'm thankful for people updating their LiveJournals, people being friendly when we have to e-mail them even though it's scary, being caught up on anime again, plans to start translating Host Club manga after 8 Simple Rules even though it's already translated and being distributed throughout the US, and happy pictures of the cast to Eyeshield21 in flag football uniforms.
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