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Crazy day

Today has certainly been an interesting day. We stopped by the AX forums at one point, and noticed a thread about a non-Expo meet and greet where they all go ghost hunting. Despite actually being a little scared of stuff like that, we're always intrigued by it, so we read the entire thread. Someone mentioned that Disneyland was haunted, and someone else said they'd like to hear about that, so the first person (or maybe it was someone else) listed a bunch of instances of hauntings that people have witnessed.

Now, if you believe in ghosts, it's really only logical that Disneyland is haunted. Especially since anytime somebody dies there people can't stop talking about it, so we've heard a bunch of those stories. But when you hear about people seeing ghosts, it's just kind of creepy. And yet we always watch those haunting specials on the Travel Channel. I've even been at Disneyland late at night when no one was around, and the atmosphere was still as happy and friendly as always, so even if there are ghosts, they're almost certainly friendly ghosts. But it didn't help that I had a dream this morning involving Disneyland and ghosts and stuff. So instead of catching up on new anime, we rewatched episode 10 of Host Club.

(Actually, there's a story about how when Walt Disney was alive, he would always turn on a lamp in his Main Street apartment window to let the Disneyland cast members know he was there. Then one day after his death, someone was cleaning the apartment and the lamp came on by itself, so now they leave it on all the time to show that Mr. Disney is always there. I think that story's kind of heartwarming.)

While we were in the middle of Host Club, Celeste showed up. Here's the story:

See, the day we got back from AX, we got a phone call. It was Celeste saying, basically, "Just letting you know, I'm in town."

That was kind of a shock. For various and sundry reasons, she had decided to come down here, and she was staying with Mom. We weren't sure it was wise for her and Mom to spend too much time in such close proximity, but they both agreed to do it. It's kind of like how when Mom and Steve would invite us over, for the longest time, no matter how terrible our last visit had ended up, we couldn't say no. Apparently it runs in the family.

I want to say it's not surprising, but then I wonder if my pessimism may have brought something about. I really hadn't thought on it much, because we've been so busy with translating stuff. But anyway, things didn't work out, and as of today, Celeste is staying with us. The interesting part was that it was Steve, and not Mom, who made living conditions so difficult for her.

We really have no idea how this will affect our schedule, but she has a social life, so if nothing else, we'll be able to be productive while she's out. (Don't get me wrong; we love Celeste. It's just that we feel guilty having a guest and not entertaining her. Though I guess at this point she's going to be more like a roommate.)

She visiting with our Bishop now. Apparently Steve called him and said some things, so the Bishop wanted to talk to her. From everything we hear, and from our experience with the parties involved, Celeste hasn't done anything that wouldn't be expected of a normal BYU Honor Code following student, so we're very curious as to what's going on. Depending on what Steve said, she may not even tell us, though, so maybe I shouldn't mention it on LiveJournal...

Anyway, today I'm thankful for having a spare bedroom, nice managers who call to let us know when we have packages, happy things to help us stop freaking out about ghosts, getting to eat a chocolate chip muffin today, and apartment newsletters.
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