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Curiosity killed the cat

For some reason no longer known even to us, we continue to check the Anime Posse email account every day as part of our morning computer routine. The best reason I can think of is most accurately expressed with the Japanese phrase "akirame ga warui," which literally means "the giving up is bad," and can loosely be translated to "we don't know how to give up."

Usually it's just your average spam, with the occasional Yahoo and Bravenet update e-mails. But today we got an e-mail from someone with a topic saying "Hi." Normally we'd just delete it, because it's most likely a virus or something, but the sender had what appeared to be a real name, and it was only 3k, and we think that virus e-mails are usually bigger than that.

Still, it's getting to be the time of year where we've had to have our computer fixed because of viruses, so we haven't opened it. But we're still very curious. Is it someone who actually went to the Posse website and had something to say? Or is it someone claiming to have a sick child in Africa and wanting to know our bank account number so we can "help"? Or is it really a virus?

The world may never know.
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