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I like light sabers, because of instant cauterization.

We got to see Revenge of the Sith today! It was neat. It inspired a nice talk about the Gospel on the way home. And I cried when I heard Luke's theme. I also think Obi-Wan could have used a red tunic, and Athena says that someone must have been playing a lot of Final Fantasy X.

In other news, we started translating a new series, which is also very neat. And I've been using the word "neat" a lot. Anyway, since this series is for pleasure and not business, I'm allowed to talk about it! Whee! It's called "Death Scythe: Akushin-gari". We're still not sure how we're going to like it, but so far it's pretty addicting. Wow, I just realized we're not even quite sure what it's about yet. But we haven't finished the first chapter yet (because it's long), so I guess that's okay.

And a question: How the heck do they get a name like Luke in with all the other names in the series?
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