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Lots of church today.

Like the title says, we had lots of church today. I mentioned earlier in the week that Mom asked me to play the piano for her and, as I later found out, Steve, Sarah, and Celeste while they sang in Sacrament Meeting today. Their Sacrament Meeting is at nine, which was hard enough, but we found out last night (after IMing Sarah to get details) that they wanted to pick us up at eight so they could practice. This was a problem, because it meant we had to be ready at eight, and we usually don't even wake up until nine-thirty. We are such weenies.

We managed it, though, and so we were at the church early. As it turned out, they hadn't quite decided how they were going to sing it. Sarah had come up with an idea that involved leaving Steve out of it, and then she and Celeste could sing soprano while Mom and Athena sang alto. Athena said, "I guess," in a reluctant voice, because she's always hesitant to agree to anything before people let her know that they really want her. And then they suggested something else that involved Steve singing and Athena not singing, and Athena nodded her, "That's one idea..." sort of nod, which they took to mean that she really liked that idea. After all the rehearsing, I think it probably would have been better with Sarah's first plan, because Celeste and Athena are strong singers, Mom's not used to singing alto, and Sarah and Steve both seem rather afraid of singing. But then the bishop said there would be a musical number by the Strong family (accompanied by Alethea Nibley), so I was just as happy that Athena didn't join them. It's selfish, I know, but... I really have no excuse. I'm just selfish.

After Sacrament Meeting, we hung out in the halls until it was time for our Sacrament Meeting, and then we stayed for the rest of our meetings. It was long, but it ended up being worth it, because the combined meeting today was awesome.

We were scheduled to meet with the Bishop at three-thirty, but we had already been at church for six hours, so the Bishop kindly arranged for someone to come pick us up for our meetings later and we had Celeste take us home. And then at four (they were running behind schedule) we went back to church. So we had a lot of church today. The Bishop asked me if there was some other calling I'd be interested in in the ward, and I was like, "No, I can't think of anything... I would like to learn to play the organ, since it's not fair of me to sit and complain about the speed of the hymns every week, but other than that..." And in my head I was like, "Please no, please no." I really, really like being the Relief Society pianist.

And now after a long, rambling LJ entry, that actually ended up being shorter than I had originally written, because it was seriously rambly and starting to get mean, we're going to go play Kingdom Hearts. Today I am very thankful for a kind Bishop, awesome people offering to burn anime for us, Host Club quizzes, being the Relief Society pianist, and having a ward that meets at eleven.
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