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The Road to Fame

They finally posted a review of Lagoon Engine at! It's nice that people noticed it. We only looked at the text/translation part of the review, partly because we've already read it so we know how we feel about it, and partly because all we really want to know is how people liked our translation. Lagoon Engine was one we especially wanted to know about, because we had been told that they weren't going to use a re-writer on it.

And happily, we got a good review! The only problem the reviewer had was that Yen talks too smart for a twelve-year-old. We wanted to go on the forums and explain why that was, but I don't remember my password, and we couldn't find a thread where they were talking about that anyway. See, if you read Lagoon Engine, you'll notice that Yen has read just about every book in the library. (His family's library, anyway, but his family has a pretty impressive library.) We grew up with people who have read a lot of books, so we happen to know that they can use big words. Of course, the examples the reviewer used ("pragmatic" and "billet-doux") were added by... an editor somewhere along the way, probably... because Athena and I don't know words like that. Eheh...
Tags: fans need to pay more attention, lagoon engine, reviews, translating

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