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Who wants to be a superhero?

We just watched the coolest show ever. Maybe you've heard of "Who wants to be a superhero?" on the Sci-Fi Channel? You should watch it, because it's the best show ever. It's a reality show, but instead of trying to eliminate the other players, you're trying to be a superhero, which means you have to be a good person and all that stuff.

We love it because so many comic book and anime geeks seem to be so focused on knowing more than anyone else, or being able to make a profit based on these characters, that they don't seem to have learned any of the lessons that these comic books teach. And based on the first episode, it looks like Stan Lee (the host) is trying to teach all the players, and through them, the audience, what it really means to be a superhero.

And it's totally awesome the way they did the secret headquarters, and the way they set up all the plasma TVs that Mr. Lee talks to them through and stuff. And the way they do the music all dramatic and superheroic. It's like a reality superhero movie.

Everybody should check it out! It's the bestest show ever!
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