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Tired... again...

I like this series, but it makes me tired. Or the heat makes me tired. I'm not sure which, but we do have the air conditioning on. There's just so much talking. I bet it would be a lot more fun to read than to translate (though I must admit it is fun to translate). It's like that other series that I can't mention yet.

I think that's one of the hardest parts of translating manga for a living. You get to work on all these fun titles, but you can't tell anyone about them until they announce them, which very often doesn't happen until you've completely moved on to something else. It's very frustrating. And I have only a very vague idea of what happened in volume 1 of this series. One of these days, maybe we'll get our own copies of the stuff we don't have our own copies of.

This morning... or was it afternoon? Eh, I don't remember. Anyway, Mom called and asked me to play the piano for them (I'm not exactly sure who "them" entails, but I think it's at least her, Sarah, and Steve) in church on Sunday because they agreed to sing in Sacrament Meeting and their pianist will be out of town. She said she was willing to pay, and the price would be admission to a matinee showing of Cars sometime this week. That would have been pretty awesome if Celeste hadn't told us yesterday that Mom had agreed to give us money to see Cars. Of course, it's quite possible that yesterday is when Mom realized she'd need a pianist, so there you go.

I do have to wonder about the ethics, though. We're not supposed to work on Sunday, let alone for pay. Athena says it's more of a bribe thing, and points out that I would have done it anyway. So there you go again.

No time for Kingdom Hearts reviews today, not that anyone's asking. Maybe later. At any rate, I should be able to finish up my report before we go farther on Sunday. The scary thing is our next work order is for Elemental Gelade, which means more intense translating. Well, it's really not that intense unless they're fighting, which is really ironic, because in most normal serieses, people are usually too busy fighting to talk. But since we'll have earned November rent, we'll be able to take our time. Of course, if we hadn't jumped the gun on Ai Yori Aoshi 16, we would have had a nice little break between the Insaaaaaaaane Series and Elemental Gelade. But that's okay, because it was probably better not to come back from a long break with the Insaaaaaaaane Series.

So that's all. Today I'm thankful for having definite plans to see Cars, fun projects that we really shouldn't have started in the middle of translating crazy serieses, our CD collection, strawberry artificial flavor, and getting to go sit on the couch after this.
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