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Today has been kind of strange. They didn't show 8 Simple Rules today because they were showing sports. This is part of why we hate sports. But it was just as well, because the half hour before 8 Simple Rules would have been on was time that should have been spent working, but instead was spent ranting about people and their crazy misconceptions.

Last night was an interesting FHE. They decided to do a bunch of improv games, so we decided to go hide until everyone was in set groups, because we didn't want to do it. It's our perfectionism, really, because we're not confident we can do the improv right. For example, they did the dating game game, and one guy was supposed to be a werewolf. Neither of us could really have done the werewolf thing very well. But another person was supposed to be Peter Pan, and we both felt that we could have portrayed Peter Pan better.

For example, when asked his favorite band (well, her, since it was a girl playing him) she couldn't think of anything, so we kept whispering, "The Lost Boys! The Lost Boys!" The girl asking questions caught on and asked if he was friends with Peter Pan. She said no, probably thinking that because she is Peter, she's not friends with Peter. But in our minds, Peter would say, "Are you kidding? He's my best friend!" And then, if you want to add a hint so as not to confuse the person asking questions, add, "Quiet, Tink! You'll give it away!"

Of course, having opted not to play the games, we don't have a right to complain. But I think it's alright to give a critique, with hints on how to make it better. Especially because one of the girls in charge found us and made us official judges, which we weren't really, but it was a nice sentiment.

When we got home, there was a plate of cookies waiting for us on our doorstep. There was a note with it, so we would know they weren't from a crazy person trying to kill us. Thinking about it, that's good to know, because one time we got a mysterious phone call from a guy who, if I remember correctly, said he was with the police (I thought he was asking for donations) and then said that for my safety, the call might be monitored. Then he got cut off. But we're always happy to get cookies, especially on days like yesterday when we were feeling sad and unloved for various reasons that I won't go into right now.

So, going back to Kingdom Hearts II, when Sora shows up is when everything starts being very much the way I think it should be. It helps that Mickey shows up right away, because I'm in love with Mickey and it was nice to see him. Thinking about it though, when he tells Sora and the others that the train knows where to go, obviously the train would know where to go--it's on a track.

Anyway, they mentioned stuff like wondering who built the tower in Twilight Town, and the whole time I'm like, "Yen Sid! Yen Sid!" (only I was actually like, "Retlaw Yensid!" because I thought that was his full name; I like just Yen Sid better (it's more high-mage sounding)). And then it was! And he was the King's teacher! That was the coolest thing ever. It really feels like they did a lot of research for this game. Either that, or they just knew their stuff already because they're that cool. And then they brought Pete in, and made him Mickey's long time adversary! I love how they keep everyone so in character.

It was really amazing how closely the voices matched the originals for Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, but it was kind of disturbing that one of them is played by the same actress who now voices Maleficent. (I thought it was Merryweather, but according to IMDb, it was Flora or Fauna; still not sure which is more trustworthy.) Now, bringing Maleficent back is one of the things about this game that I'm not sure I can agree with. They said that it was the power of darkness and all that stuff, and they kind of had to do it for a lot of the worlds later on (bring back villains you'd already killed), but they didn't give a satisfactory explanation for Maleficent or Ursula. Maybe they'll explain it better in KH3.

Other than that, this game does a good job of answering questions, sometimes even before I thought to ask them. Like when Yen Sid says, "Wait, you can't go on the Gummi Ship yet because I have to explain that things work differently now." And then I'm like, "Yeah, all the worlds are cut off from each other after the first game!" It's like they have people like us who go over every little detail and make sure that the other people like us can't say, "Hey, you can't do that! Remember this thing?" I wonder how we could swing jobs like that.

And then it was off to the worlds map! Another sad thing about this game was the lack of the original Gummi Ship music. But the Gummi Missions are cool enough that it's okay.

We found out the first world was Hollow Bastion, and I thought, "Yay! We should get to hear the Hollow Bastion music!" And then we got there and the music was different. But then it went on and turned into the original Hollow Bastion music, and that was totally awesome! Because now that the worlds are saved, it makes sense to me that they would be bigger, because parts of them wouldn't be destroyed anymore. It was so perfect.

We didn't notice quite so much the first time through, probably because we thought she was still played by Kristy Carlson Romano, but Mae Whitman was very excited to be Yuffie. After we found out that it was Mae Whitman (who also plays Kitara in Avatar), we realized why Kitara always sounded so familiar even though her voice actress hadn't been in anything we were familiar with. She does sound a lot like Kristy Carlson Romano. But I think I like Ms. Whitman better, mostly because I don't think Kitara's as full of herself as I think Kim Possible is.

I think it was Jeff Bennett who played Merlin and he does an amazing job. He's as good as Corey Burton as Captain Hook! They sound exactly like the originals. It's especially surprising for Jeff Bennett, because all the other characters I know him as are so young (Brooklyn in Gargoyles, Duke in The Mighty Ducks, Johnny Bravo). So I really hope I'm remembering right that it was Jeff Bennett, because now it would be embarrassing otherwise.

Xigbar! It's fun to play through when you know who everyone is. When Organization XIII showed up, we tried to guess who all everyone was. We didn't really succeed, except with Xemnas and Xigbar. We decided we like how the actor portrays the way he was translated, but we're not sure if surfer dude is the right way to translate him. This is mostly because in the Japanese version (if IMDb is right), he's played by Houchu Ohtsuka, who also plays Ni Jianyi, and a bunch of other old mad scientist types. So maybe we're just stereotyping based on voice actor. We didn't really expect Keiji Fujiwara to play Axel after Chain of Memories, either.

And that's it for now. Today I'm thankful for the 3 Musketeers who gave us cookies, having convinced Mom to see Cars (or at least to give us money so we can), Riku's theme music, getting new work orders, and Whose Line is it Anyway?
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