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I feel very braindead right now, but I think it's less from translating and more from being lightheaded. I think that has something to do with allergies.

We finally got the book we've been waiting for, which is a Very Good Thing. I forgot how fun this series is. But I did not forget how hard it is to translate. This will take a long time. That's probably good, though, because it will distract us while we wait for other stuff. We did manage to get a whole chapter done, though! Yay!

I was planning on doing more Kingdom Hearts II reviewing today, but then we got sucked in to translating, so I'm not sure I can cover as much as we played yesterday. Let's see how far I can get before Danny Phantom.

We started on the last day of Roxas's summer vacation, right at the part where Hayner and everyone acts like Roxas doesn't exist, and then Axel shows up again. We were both disappointed with Axel's voice actor. For me it was partly because I love his Japanese voice actor (Keiji Fujiwara, who also played Hughes in FMA), and partly because he just didn't seem to quite pull off the right attitude. We mostly liked how he was translated, except when they had him say stuff like, "Silly," instead of "Stupid," which seemed very odd coming from someone they had using real swear words in Chain of Memories.

That whole Roxas bit is just long enough to make me think that I don't know if I really like this game. I think I'm just nigate with the setsunai, mujoukan type stuff. And that's really difficult to express in full English. The whole, "shouldn't really exist" thing, and "everything is just going to die anyway" thing. I don't like it so much. So by the time Roxas has found Sora, I'm like, "This game doesn't make me happy..."

But then Sora wakes up, and they play his theme music, and he's so cute with Donald and Goofy that everything is better and the game is nothing but happy. Except that Sora looks like a total dork in his too-small clothes. It's very cute the second time around, but the first time around, it was kind of like, "He looks weird..." But it was awesome that he actually grew. I wondered if he was embarrassed walking around like that, but then when Yen Sid pointed out that he needed new clothes, he (and Donald and Goofy) seemed to notice for the first time. They're such boys.

As a note, you know a party is in danger when Goofy is the voice of reason.

Wow, that wasn't very far. Maybe it takes me too long to organize my thoughts. And of course I need time to think of things to be thankful for (it's hard when you have a very routine life with very few people around). Today I'm thankful for the book we were waiting for arriving, having chocolate chip cookies, Sora's theme music (which I can't remember properly, so I keep thinking of Tidus's instead; sad), cable, and Rica Fukami telling us we're pretty when she was at AX2000.

Oh! And we ended up switching our Zidane icon for our Sora one, as you may have noticed. It's so hard to choose between the two, but with the caption on Zidane's, I'm never sure when I can use it without sounding conceited. Sorry, Zidane!
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