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Thrills! Excitement!

Today has been a day of action! Adventure! And getting the AC fixed! Yaaaaaaaay!!!

We got an early start today, because Athena's dentist appointment was at nine. Our early start was helped by a call from Mom at 7:37, because she thought the appointment was earlier. Fortunately, we were already mostly awake, so it wasn't really a problem. We made it to the dentist without incident. I think by the time Athena was done filling out paperwork I was more worked up than she was. Maybe it's because while she was filling stuff out, I was thinking too hard about things.

She got called in to do x-rays, so I started reading the book I'd brought. I noticed it was taking a lot longer than normal x-rays, but that was okay, because Terry Pratchett is a good author. Then Athena called me in because I had the credit card and it was time to pay for stuff. The lady charged me about three times what I'd been told the x-rays would cost, so I was a little curious as to what was going on. We paid for stuff and went on our way (Mom took us to her place and then to the dentist so we could see how to walk to her place from the dentist) and Athena filled me in.

It was really scary at first because she started with, "He said I might need a root canal." At the point we are right now, neither of us is as scared of getting dental work as we are of paying for it. But then she explained that the dentist told her that the decay had almost gotten to the nerve, and if it did, she'd need a root canal. So she said that since it wasn't at the nerve yet, if he fixed it now would she not need a root canal? He said that there was that possibility, but if he tried and messed up, she'd need a root canal anyway. Praying the whole time, she decided to have him give it a go (because he said he would only charge for the root canal if the other operation didn't work), and that's why it took so long.

In the end, her tooth is looking a lot better. He said he saw the nerve when he was cleaning things out, and he put a relaxant on it or something, so if it starts to really, really hurt, she'll need to go in for a root canal. Currently, the feeling has returned to her mouth, and there's only mild pain, so thankfully it seems like things will be okay, though it's a little early to start celebrating.

After the dentist, we decided to hang out at Mom's place until the feeling came back to Athena's lips and then we'd go out to lunch. This decision was made instead of coming home to work on Ai Yori Aoshi 16, because we always go for free lunch. As it so happens, we're already more than halfway through AYA 16 regardless.

When we got home, we went to the managers to report our air conditioning woes, and found out that it's our job to change the batteries in the AC control panel. The reason we didn't figure that out a year ago when the control panel first mentioned low batteries was that we told one of the maintenance guys and he said something like, "Oh, we can't fix that," and then said some confusing stuff that led us to believe that they couldn't fix it because it needs special batteries. But we're crazy like that.

Fortunately, we happened to have some AA batteries that we've been keeping because the TV remote likes to pretend it doesn't like me sometimes, and I'm always like, "It must be low on batteries..." And now we're quite comfortable at 86 degrees.

Today I'm thankful for our trip to the dentist going well, getting our air conditioning to work, getting to work on AYA 16 (Eeeeeevil Kaoru!), getting to eat curly fries, and having Host Club 16 to watch after Wheel of Fortune.
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