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It's alive! It's alive!!!

Our air conditioning system seems to have developed a mind of its own. We think it has something to do with the batteries being low on the control panel, because it won't display the temperature or anything anymore. And for some reason, we keep feeling warm air from the vents. Athena will hit the "temperature down" button, and that seems to work for a bit, but then the air goes back to being room temperature, or a little warmer. And because we can't get the display to work, we can't tell if it's because the apartment is at the target temperature, or if it's just gone completely insane, or what. And the control panel has no off-switch.

So we'll be going to talk to the management about it tomorrow. Why didn't we go today? Um... because...

It's partially because we're lazy, for one thing. Another thing is that we had to get a dentist appointment, and that was stressful enough on its own. We also activated our Sony Cards, because we think we'll need them to pay for the dentist. So now we're hoping they call our SPIN on Wheel of Fortune. That'd be awesome.

We're still waiting on the book we're going to translate, so today was filled with non-productivity. We watched the second episode of Muteki Kanban Musume, which was insane. I think that Nobuyuki Hiyama is very talented to say the train sound effects (gatan goton, gatan goton) as if they're a battle cry.

After that, we watched the second episode of Zero no Tsukaima, which is also still very entertaining, but then we decided it was too hot to watch anything else. Hot weather makes it harder to sit in our wooden computer chairs. Maybe we should trade them for the broken-armed lawn chairs we inherited because Steve dubbed them "completely useless." We like to have them in the living room for the cats to sit on, because the thin seat would be a lot cooler than a carpet to sit on, but now it's so hot that the cats hide in the closet most of the day.

Today I'm thankful for the yellow pages, random episodes of Teen Titans being on when we have nothing to do, cold water, quarters, and getting problems taken care of.
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