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Happy Birthday, Disneyland!!

Today Disneyland turns 51, but I think the 50th Anniversary thing is going to keep going until November.

Also today, it's like our apartment was telling us to turn on the air conditioning. We were actually doing a pretty good job dealing with the heat, but at one point we noticed warm air coming from the vents. We managed to get it to stop pretty easily, but then it happened again, so we figured as long as there was going to be air coming through, it might as well be cool air.

Yesterday we watched Aladdin, and it was awesome, of course. Because of the TV series and stuff, I tend to forget how really smart Aladdin is. It just doesn't come across in the series (in fact, the series had a lot of moments where we thought, "Come on, Al, don't be stupid). I think the series affected Aladdin's portrayal in Kingdom Hearts, too, because somehow he still doesn't seem as smart. I feel like the only people who really understood how smart Aladdin is are the people who made Final Fantasy IX, because the more I watched the movie, the more I felt like Zidane could easily have been based on Aladdin. I could be wrong, though.

Last night we started playing Kingdom Hearts II again. We've decided it's our new Sunday game. It's really interesting playing through the beginning again, now that we actually understand what's going on. It's also especially interesting because we found out that Pence is played by Sean Marquette (Mac in Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends), and it's really weird to hear Sean Marquette sounding older. Wow, and apparently Randall from Recess is Demyx, if IMDb is right. We're going to have to listen for that. Flashing back to Demyx in my head, they don't sound anything alike.

And my little voice actor search has interrupted my train of thought. We wanted to find the Japanese voice of Hayner to see if he might be the guy who plays Riku in Eyeshield21. Thinking about it now, we went to that guy(the guy who played Riku in Eyeshield21)'s website and it didn't say anything about Kingdom Hearts that I remember, so he probably isn't.

Right, Kingdom Hearts. When we played through it the first time, there were like a million things I wanted to say about it, but I was like, "Well, I could go talk about KH2 on LiveJournal, or we could actually play the game." Playing won out, of course. But now I can't think straight to say anything. Either that or I just don't want to do an LJ cut.

So I guess I'll just talk about the part that we played last night. Of course, it was all the crazy stuff with Roxas. At first, I wasn't sure how I felt about playing as this new kid who was clearly Not Sora, but thinking about it, it really is the perfect way to let players go through the tutorial without saying, "You know how Sora learned all that stuff about how the game works in the first Kingdom Hearts? Well, Namine forgot to put that stuff back in his memory."

Though, because of the whole Chain of Memories thing, they could easily have said that that was the case, but I think I like it better this way. I kind of feel bad for Roxas, because once you start playing as Sora, he kind of doesn't really exist anymore. It almost makes me wonder why he was even created.

We were very happy to see Vivi hanging out in Seifer's gang. Actually, I suspected that if they had any FFIX characters, Vivi would be the one, since he and Eiko were the only ones that showed up in the big Final Fantasy / Dragon Quest crossover, Itadaki Street. I guess that means we can look forward to seeing Eiko in Kingdom Hearts III. Though I'm really hoping Zidane shows up.

It was totally awesome how they kept everyone so completely in character. I kind of feel bad for Vivi because of the whole "being possessed" thing, but it fit so well with who he is in FFIX, especially when they had the part with the Vivi clones. It was really creepy, too, because evil Vivi moves a lot like Zorn and Thorn.

I'm not going to try to show off by saying when it was we figured out Roxas's true identity, for two reasons. One, I can't remember at all when that was, and two, for all I know we were very slow and it was totally obvious from the beginning. I think it would have been especially obvious if we had played Chain of Memories more recently, because I seem to remember them going into the whole "Nobody" thing, and I remember reading in our Final Mix memorial album an Ansem Report that talks about what happens to the body when someone becomes a Heartless, and thinking at some point that we would be seeing Sora's Nobody. So I really wonder why we didn't figure it out sooner.

I like Hayner a lot. His shirt makes me laugh. And I like how he doesn't try to cover up his tracks when someone calls him on something. Like when they were working on their homework, and Olette says it's not a race, and Hayner says, "It is now!" So many people we know, probably myself included, would have said, "Yeah, I know..." So I like Hayner's assertiveness.

Roxas's whole summer vacation was very Japanese (or at least, Japanese insofar as I could tell from watching anime and reading manga), which I think is kind of amusing. Probably because it's a Disney game, so I'm happy that Japanese elements are sneaking their way in, or something.

Normally, I love how everyone in Kingdom Hearts does exactly what I think they should do (except for Riku, but he's awesome because of that), which is why we thought it was kind of silly that Kairi decided not to go back to the island until she remembered Sora completely. Obviously the island would have helped her remember more, we think. Maybe she didn't want to be driven crazy by that picture with the paopu fruit and not being able to remember who that kid was or why she liked him enough to want to share a paopu fruit with him. I guess that would make sense.

I think it's so cute the way Sora and Kairi tease each other. "You don't remember me? Thanks a lot, Kairi!" That was awesome. I guess I just like to see couples that aren't always like, "Oh, you're always so right!" Bleh.

Sora hasn't been awakened yet, though. We thought it might be better to go to bed before two in the morning, even though we didn't really have any pressing business to wake up for. At any rate, it would have been a shame to turn the game off right after Sora's big entrance.

And that's all for my Kingdom Hearts II review for now. Except that I want to point out how totally awesome it is that, if IMDb is correct, Kazuya Nakai (Wakka in FFX) and Rio Natsuki (Lulu in FFX) play Rai and Fu in the Japanese version. And it's kind of weird that John DiMaggio did not get to reprise his role as Wakka for KH1 (English version), but he does play additional voices in KH2.

Today I'm thankful for twisty macaroni and cheese, having the AC on, the Artist Mokona episode of Tsubasa Chronicle (soooo cute! and suddenly more amusing as I realize that the real Mokona is the main artist for CLAMP), the idea of Eyeshield21 events where the voice actors all play flag football (I wish we could go!), and times when I can actually think properly.
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