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Yay productivity!

We went fabric shopping today! I spent like an hour measuring things to figure out exactly how much I need of what colors of stuff, or at least get closer estimates than usual. And that probably has a lot to do with why we actually bought a bunch of fabric today. I have stuff to work on Lacus's costume, and Eisen's pants (Eisen has really poofy pants; this makes me happy), and potentially the rest of Yasuaki's costume, depending on if I decide it's the black I want or if I want another black. I have so many different types of black and white fabric.

We also got some fabric to work on Donald and Goofy's Kingdom Hearts outfits. We'd been throwing the idea around since January, but now that we have fabric we're committed. Or more committed, anyway. They actually had a green fabric that was exactly the kind of stuff I wanted for Goofy's turtleneck, but we decided not to get it because it might have been too sparkly. That, and we were already carrying around three bolts of fabric each.

And! We got Disney Princess gummy bracelets!! They're so cute! Each bracelet is made of one flavor, and then it has decorations in other flavors of the princesses and items that represent them. We ate them while watching Gilmore Girls. It was too perfect.

That was kind of trippy with Mrs. Kim.
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