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Mikomi Con

I feel so non-productive today. We did go grocery shopping and stuff, though, so that's very good. And we got a work order, so hopefully we'll be working soon. We just need the book first.

One of the things I left out of our AX report (because I kind of forgot) is all the stuff about Mikomi Con. We had been handed fliers for it on Friday night (I think it was Friday...), and conventions are fun, so we're always curious about them. So we looked at the flier and noticed that, while it says the convention is in SoCal, it didn't say where in SoCal, or when the thing is.

We figured we'd just check it out on the website one day when we were bored (because the chances of us going are actually rather slim, financially speaking), but the Mikomi Con staffers seem very excited about their convention, and a couple of them were handing out even more fliers as we waited in line for the Seiji Mizushima panel. Since they were advertising the con so zealously, I thought I'd take the opportunity to find out where the convention would be. The people giving us fliers told us that it would be in Northridge, and started trying to sell it some more.

Out of curiosity, I asked what special guests they'd have. They mentioned a few voice actors (Rob Paulsen!!), and said they had a professor of Japanese culture and stuff, and that's when I thought to ask if they had any translators attending. It was kind of awkward asking, because on the one hand, I do want to say, "Let us be special guests!" but on the other hand, I don't want to be conceited or anything. They said they didn't know, but the convention chairman was right over there (also in line for the panel, cosplaying Ichigo from Bleach), and they called him over.

We talked a bit, but then they started letting us in to the panel, so we had to cut things off. We were foolish enough not to have any cards on us at the time, but after the panel, the chairman gave us his e-mail address and asked us to contact him.

So, since we didn't have any work this week, and we're trying to be patient, as well as take care of all the stuff we may need to take care of before we get sucked into work (probably a good idea, it turned out, as the work order we got today is for the Insaaaaaaaane Series (I think I can talk about what it is now, but I'm waiting to see it on the TokyoPop website, just in case)), we e-mailed him. This was also kind of awkward, because, while things are potentially looking promising, we're still currently poor, so it seems kind of dumb to say, "Hey, we'd like to be special guests at your convention, but we can't really afford to go."

We said it anyway, and he seemed happy to hear from us, and that he has complimentary badges for us should we be able to attend. He gave us some ideas as to what we could talk about at the panel, which were all really good, though I'm not sure if we could cover all of them, since we don't do scanslations (but it would be a good opportunity to further our quest of getting people to call them scanslations instead of scanlations). And he said if we knew anybody else who could join us on the panel, they're welcome, too. We're out of touch with all the people we know who translate, though. But if any of you happen to be reading this, drop us a line!

So now it's just a question of figuring out whether or not we can get accommodations, and, once we get those, transportation from said accommodations to the convention (we're not sure how close Aurora lives to Northridge, for example). And whether or not we care enough to go. It seems like a good idea, and Rob Paulsen will be there! Interestingly enough, we also opened up some of our mail today and found our very own Sony Cards. This could be very, very dangerous. Of course, if we win $50,000 from having our SPIN called on Wheel of Fortune, then we could definitely afford to go.

Today I'm thankful for gold peanut M&Ms, once again having groceries, the idea of being special guests at a convention, Host Club 15, and Sarah having Celeste here to help her improve her driving.
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