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Boredom post

Well, our original plan for the day was to hopefully go to the bank and get some grocery shopping done, but Mom has to work and Celeste has to drive Sarah to get her senior pictures, so that's not happening. So our next plan was to watch Sleeping Beauty after lunch, but Oreo has stolen my seat on the couch, and he's just too cute to make him move, so we're out of ideas. That's the problem with not having any work. And so I update LiveJournal.

Last night we watched Cinderella, and I think I've figured out where most Disney princesses get their "bad" reputation for being excessively good. It never occurred to me until last night how weird it is to give hats and coats to your household pests. Though, as Athena points out, if you befriend them, they'll be more like pets than pests. And obviously it worked out really well for Cinderella, because they all made a dress for her. Or it would have worked out.

Actually, translating CLAMP no Kiseki volume 12, it was pointed out why most magical girls have a little animal mascot, which also makes a very good reason for Disney princesses to talk to woodland creatures and household pests: If they didn't, they'd be talking to themselves for most of the movie. Or else it would be a pretty boring movie, with no one talking much. In the case of Cinderella, a good chunk of the movie is taken up with Jacques and Gus facing off against Lucifer, so without them, I'd imagine the movie would be very short.

And Cinderella's got her mean streak, too (with stepsisters and a cat like that, it would be hard not to). She was about to attack Lucifer with a broom, after all. I really get the feeling that Walt Disney doesn't like cats, though with Mickey Mouse being the character that started it all, I guess that's understandable. I think Dinah is the only non-evil Disney cat that was created while Walt Disney was alive, unless you count big cats, like Bagheera and Lambert the Sheepish Lion. Figaro was only kind of evil in Pinocchio, but he goes on to be the bane of Pluto's existence. Now I wish I could remember that Minnie Mouse cartoon where she's being a nurse, because I think Figaro "helped."

The thing about Cinderella is that the moral of the story is that if you do what's right, and you keep believing, after you've done everything you can, grace steps in and everything works out. It's kind of like when Alma the Elder ran away from King Noah with his people, and then Amulon came along and made them all slaves, but they put up with it and just kept praying for help, and pretty soon they were able to escape and they were blessed. So it makes sense for Cinderella to be extremely nice.

So those are my thoughts as we wait for either Oreo to move out of my seat on the couch or for l33t-raws to post the next episode of Host Club. Today I'm thankful for adorable kitties on the couch and the chair, black socks, a working VCR, still having peanut butter Hershey Kisses while we wait to be able to buy more snacks, and paper.
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