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Last entry before AX. Probably

It's amazing how much longer the day seems when you've actually been doing stuff. Right now it isn't much later than we normally turn of the computer (we usually aren't in bed for another ten mintues), and yet it feels like we've been up for hours longer than normal.

Mostly, I'm sad because Host Club 13 still isn't available. But it looks like Murasaki has recently awakened (she's in Europe--time zones) so hopefully it will be available soon.

Oh yes! I have a story.

We were packing, and suddenly Athena asks if I know where the Ryuseisui is. This is a necessity for my Suboshi costume, since I use it as a belt, having lost the belt I originally made. I said I didn't know for sure, but I had an idea--I remembered it being in a drawer and constantly having to push it out of the way. But we had just been through the entire apartment twice looking for Athena's Ban shirt, and the Ryuseisui was not in any drawer.

Then Athena remembered. On Halloween, we lent Mom the Ryuseisui to use as a belt for a medieval type costume thing, since all Mom had at the time was one of Kimee's belts, and I don't remember exactly what was wrong with it, but obviously there was something or we wouldn't have lent Mom the Ryuseisui.

So immediately I call Mom's cell phone, since I know she's helping Sarah with some fundraiser and therefore not at home. This was at about 6:30...? I get through but the voice on the other end is masculine. I was sure I hadn't dialed a wrong number, so I said it was me and asked if my mom was available.

Now that the shock had worn off, I realized it was Steve on the other end. He said Mom couldn't come to the phone because she was busy with something, but could I talk to him about it? I asked him if he remembered us lending Mom a long rope to use as a belt around Halloween. When he said he did, I told him we needed it. And then he said something along the lines of not being able to get it because their storage unit is closed. So I demanded to talk to Mom, and he said he'd have her call back when she was done with the thing that was preventing her from being on the phone.

A few minutes later, Mom called. I asked her if she remembered us lending her the rope, and she remembered it very well, so I told her we needed it, and she said she thought she'd already returned it, along with the other costume stuff we'd lent her. I told her that she hadn't. The only other thing she could think of was that all the stuff was in the trunk of the car that Sarah totaled a while back, and they took all the stuff from the trunk and put it in storage. That explained why they were putting other people's things in their storage unit, but it didn't help us to get it back.

Mom tried to help solve the problem. She offered to go somewhere and buy another rope, which really wouldn't work because a normal rope really is no Ryuseisui. She said she'd do whatever she could to help, but by that time, there really wasn't much. Athena suggested it would be better to buy a quarter yard of fabric and make a new belt, but I really didn't want to sew anymore, and by the time Mom finished with Sarah's fundraiser, all the fabric stores would probably have been closed anyway.

Fortunately, back when I made the Suboshi costume, I made another belt for the blue robe he wears under the orange tunic, which for some strange unknown reason has managed to survive about three million moves. Okay, so maybe only three. Sure feels like more, though. Maybe it came along on all the college moves, too. At any rate, it's a little narrower than Suboshi's belt, and it ties differently (meaning it ties, while the actual one somehow miraculously fits around his waist with no visual attachments (the first one I made was stretchy, or tried to be)), but I don't think a whole lot of people will come up to me and say, "Wow, that Suboshi costume is lame--look how wrong the belt is!"

And there you have it.

*hits refresh*

Looks like we'll be trying to wake up early tomorrow.
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