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Making progress... or not

So we're finally working on costume stuff. Like I'm sure I've said before, it's mostly just touching things up. I had to cut the sleeves off of two of Eisen's layers so I could make the shoulders narrower so the layering would work the way I wanted it to (the top layer had narrower shoulders because I was short on fabric; that's what happens when you're poor and decide to buy silk). It was really cute, though, because Oreo really liked sleeping on the light pink robe. Totally wish we could have taken pictures.

The Kadzuki shirt didn't turn out the way I wanted it to for one very good reason: my original plan was to splice two shirts together, but they only had one t-shirt the right color in the entire t-shirt store. And it was totally the perfect color. At least, it was the perfect color in our imaginations, which is really all that matters, since the GetBackers costumes seem to change color from scene to scene. Man, just watching the opening sequence, the costumes kept changing color. So I altered the one shirt, and now it's more like in all the pictures of Kadzuki and less like how it looks in the actual show.

Our business cards haven't come yet; hopefully they'll get here on time. If not, that's life. We still have a bunch of cards left over from last year; they're just not as pretty.

When I was working on Eisen, Steve called because he wants to arrange to have a family portrait taken in December. This caused me to be less careful than I should have been and I accidentally cut a little hole in Eisen's sleeve. Fortunately it was small enough that I just put a little nail polish on it and it should be fine. At least, it won't get any bigger, and it'll probably be hidden by the two sleeves on top of it from the other layers.

I told Steve I didn't know if we would be available for the portrait, which he accurately took to mean we didn't know if we wanted to be in it at all. He said he realized we have issues with him, but it's really not only him that we have issues with. We're horrible, bitter people. Athena said it was more an issue with us. If we're in that picture, that will say certain things about us, and we're not sure we want those things to be said. So we're still thinking about it. Or ignoring it while working on costumes.

Another thing is that I kind of feel like if we show up in that portrait, with the way Mom talks about Dad, it would be like we were declaring our allegiance to her and saying we're through with Dad. And while I think Dad is crazy, I think Mom's at least as crazy, and we'd rather not take sides anymore.

Oh well. Today I'm thankful for work on costumes going relatively smoothly, chocolate peanut butter cookies from Fudge Shoppe, the weather being cooler (though not quite as cool as the Weather Channel had predicted), clear nail polish, and GetBackers.
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