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"Trying on clothes eats my brain"

Ack! I'm missing Shalom in the Home!

Anyway, that was Athena's reaction to today. We're poor so we had to go to Goodwill to buy pants, which makes it a little difficult to find the right sizes. We each tried on a million pairs of pants before we were satisfied that we'd found ones that work. But now all our costumes have pants, except for Lacus & Meer and Risa & Riku, but they wear skirts. And I even did some touch up work on costumes, so I feel very productive.

And after our anime buddy drove us all around town (okay, so we only went to two places) and hung out with us the entire hour we looked for pants (she really is very awesome), she decided pizza sounded really good, so she took us to Round Table Pizza and treated us.

By the time we were done there, we only had about half an hour before FHE, so we went to her place where we saw the first episode of Ah My Goddess for the first time ever. I feel so far behind now that it's been pointed out.

Then we went to FHE, where we found someone who loves cats as much as we do and agreed to come feed our kitties while we're gone. That was a relief, especially since we were feeling even more guilty for leaving them after stopping by to drop off the stuff we bought and finding two kitties who seemed very much to want our attention.

And after FHE, while we were having refreshments, somehow we ended up in the same room as the two guys in the ward who seem to be the other biggest anime fans, so we ended up talking for like forever, and that's why we're missing Shalom in the Home right now. Actually, one of them was the guy with the Legend of Zelda shirt, and the other was the guy who heard us singing Sakura Kiss last week and asked, "Is that Japanese?" and when we said yes, he said, "That's awesome!" We didn't think much of it at the time, because a lot of people think it's cool to know another language, whether or not it's related to their hobbies.

But now I want to go watch Shalom in the Home, so I shall end here. Tonight I'm thankful for our anime buddy driving us around all day, Round Table Pizza, finding someone kind enough to come feed our kitties, finding pants, and Otter Pops.
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