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It burns, it burns...!

Wow, I can't believe there haven't been any new entries on our friends list since like ten-thirty this morning. That's more than twelve hours ago! And so, out of LiveJournal withdrawal, I update my own journal.

The answer is yes, we did get to play Disney Trivial Pursuit! I wonder if it's required to have at least one wrong question in each game. Maybe we're remembering wrong, since it's been years since we've seen Sleeping Beauty, but the card said Princess Aurora was supposed to sleep for 100 years, and we clearly remember the song singing "until she's awakened by love's first kiss." I sometimes wonder if the Trivial Pursuit people just google the movies. Ah well.

We actually went over to Steve's friend's house, because it was one of their kid's birthdays. It was pretty nice, and we had a good time, but for some reason by the time we got home I was ready to start screaming. I don't know why. Just little things, we guess. But we got some really good mint chip ice cream.

We also missed dinner, which is bad because we've been having a hard time shaking this headache-y-ness that we got on Friday when we skipped lunch. And believe me, we have been drinking plenty of water since then. But not so much with the eating. And it's really hot here. We so want to move back near LA.

So now, even though it's eleven-thirty, I think it's time for us to get something to eat.
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