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Fiction becomes reality...

Today seems to have gone by really fast and really slow at the same time. Yesterday was so crazy with the Questing and the being out in 110 degree weather that today we didn't feel up to enduring the heat and turned on the air conditioner. We made it without AC until after AX last year, so we were hoping we could get by with only using it sparingly (since we're on heat advisory and all), but we were just too tired. And we always feel so bad for the cats.

And today we also got almost nothing done as far as AX preparations. Ah well, what's a convention without a last-minute rush to get things done, right? We did get our badges today, though, and that's one of the most important things! Hopefully we won't get in trouble with TokyoPop for having the company name on our badges--we said on our applications that we're independent contractors!

Wow, the ceiling fan feels nice right now. Just thought I'd mention.

Oh! I keep forgetting! We went to check the Animate rankings on Thursday and found something kind of interesting. Masaya Matsukaze plays Kyoya in Host Club, and apparently either he or his agent has taken a page out of Kyoya's book. Next month, they're having like a "tea time" kind of thing, where his fans get to have tea with him. There's even a thing they call "2-shot talking time," where each fan gets to talk to him individually. It's so like episode 8 when the Host Club went to the beach and Kyoya was charging girls to sit on a rock alone with Tamaki. I kind of wish I could go...

And today I'm thankful for the apartment being cooler than the outside, getting our AX badges in the mail, pretty cosplay accessories, the ceiling fan feeling nice, and having a stash of Chex Mix.
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