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It's been a long, interesting day. And yet it's not over, and neither of us really feels like anything's happened. Mom got tired of being alone in her apartment all week (Sarah's at Girls' Camp and Steve's on a business trip), which I think is why she called and offered to buy us swimsuits at Target. We've been wanting swimsuits, so we agreed pretty readily.

She wanted to get some work done first, and while we waited for her to show up, our anime buddy called and invited us to a mutual friend's birthday party. That'll be fun, but we don't have a birthday present for her. Our plan is to promise to buy her something at AX or Disneyland.

Anyway, Mom came and got us, and the first place we went was the LDS bookstore. I think everyone calls it "the" LDS bookstore, because as far as I know we only have one. But then I have no idea what kind of stores we have in Fresno, except for Super Thrift Store with Cars. And that's where we found out again why we shouldn't go to LDS bookstores more often. First, we're like, "How dare you capitalize off someone's religion!" and then we're like, "Dude, if you're going to do it, do it right."

Then we had fun looking at baby tees. There was one that said "Molly Mormon" on it, which seemed kind of ironic, because in order to read the shirt, people would have to look straight at the wearer's breasts. Then there was the "Saturday is a special day" shirt, which probably wouldn't have any innuendo in it if we weren't so corrupt.

We also got Mom to buy the new Proclamation to the Family Scripture Scouts CDs. (It wasn't very hard; all we had to do was say, "Hey, they have new ones on the Proclamation to the Family," and she's like, "I shouldn't take you guys shopping," and we're like, "Just put it back," and she's like, "I can't!") We only got to listen to them in the car, because she bought them for Steve's kids, but these ones are a lot better than the Articles of Faith ones because they realized that if they have to get a new cast (the original cast got too old), they should get new characters. Benny has nothing on Skyler, but they were still adorable. The discussion about the first commandment was adorable♥! (No cake for dogs.)

Then we went to Target and they didn't have any swimsuits we liked in our size, except for some two pieces, and some cute black and pink ones that were fifty dollars. We would have been fine with just finishing up Mom's errands and going home, but then it turned into a Quest. We went to Walmart, and they had some suits that were soooo cute but not in our size. Sad.

Then we went to the other Target, which felt much farther away than I think it really is, and we finally got some cute swimsuits in our size. But it was hard, because the one design we really liked was black and hot pink, and they had other suits in the same design but different colors, which is how we wanted to buy them because if they matched exactly, we wouldn't know whose was whose, and none of the other color combinations were as good, except for one combination they had at the first Target, but not in our size. Ah well.

And that was our adventurous day, which ended with us realizing we're once again behind on watching anime. Today I'm thankful for new Scripture Scouts, new swimsuits, giant bags of honey nut Chex Mix, having a new fan that hopefully the cats will start to like despite its noisiness, and getting another check in the mail.
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